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Review: Happily Ever After? (Sleeping Handsome Sequel) by Jean Haus

Paige and Zach have the perfect relationship. Too bad the world can’t revolve around them. Responsibilities suck. Paige’s acting career is starting. Unfortunately, half across the world. Thirty days apart. All while Zach has commitments to college and a new job. But they refuse to let time, distance, or obligations come between them. 

Yet their biggest challenge may not be time apart. It just might be their belief in each other. 

*A warning for those sensitive to profanity, this story contains some.

Expected publication: July 14th 2012

When Jean Haus contacted me about reviewing Happily Ever After? I did a little happy dance around the room. This is the sequel to Sleeping Handsome and I fell in love with Zach and Paige in that book. So to say that I was excited for the sequel was kind of the understatement of the year!!

Well, it's now 2.19am and I have just finished reading Happily Ever After?, so if I ramble please forgive me!! But let me just start by putting it out there... This book is absolutely, unbelievably fantastic!!! I fall more and more in love with this authors writing with each book that I read!! She writes to perfection the stories that I love to get lost in!!

Zach and Paige are so completely in love. But real life stops for no one and they each have commitments to contend with. Zach has college and work and Paige is leaving town for 30 days to film a movie. 30 days doesn't seem like a long time in the scheme of things but when you're apart from the one you love old insecurities have a way of rearing their ugly head!! How will they deal with those insecurities and will their love for each other be enough to get them through it?

I adore Paige. I love her little sayings that she gets completely wrong. I love that she has this confidence to follow her dream of acting but she's actually not that confident in everyday life. And the girl's got spunk!!

And then we have Zach *Sigh* I am so seriously in love with him it's crazy!! I love his passion. I love the intensity with which he loves Paige. I love his potty mouth. I love it all!! Every. Single. Thing. About him!! And his ode to Paige was just beautiful!! I lost count of the amount of times I had to read it!! Yes, HAD to read it!!

And another character that I have to mention is Drake. Loved him!! His interaction with Zach and his bit of quirkiness that he's got going on were awesome!!

Happily Ever After? is told in alternating chapters from Paige and Zach's point of view. Another huge plus for me. I love nothing more than being inside the males head!! And being able to hear the POV of a male character that I love so much is just perfect!

You can knock this book over in a couple of hours and personally I can't think of many better ways to spend a few hours than curled up with a book written by Jean Haus!! Go on. Go and add this one to you TBR list!! You definitely won't regret it!!

A definite, without a doubt, huge 5/5 Stars!!


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