Monday, July 2, 2012

Book of the Day: He's After Me by Chris Higgins

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Anna's bruised and upset by the collapse of her parents' marriage. So much of the fallout - including responsibility for her wayward younger sister - seems to be heading in her direction. All she wants is to get the exam results she needs to get herself to university - and away from this mess. She certainly wants nothing to do with boys - until Jem appears. Gradually he wins her trust, and becomes everything Anna needs him to be.
But Anna's about to discover that love stories don't always have happy endings...


  1. Looks really interesting. I have a feeling that this is a sad love story in the end.. Well, it's for me to find out. I will check and see if I can order it.

    1. I usually like the books I read to have a happily ever after ending and I don't think I'm going to get it with this one, but I'm drawn to that gorgeous cover and the story does sound fantastic!!


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