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BLOG TOUR: Charlotte Blackwell, author of The Embrace Series

Charlotte Blackwell Blog Tour Post

So many people ask me why I write about vampires. Well the answer is easy, I write about what I like. Vampire witches, anything supernatural is what I like to read and now it’s what I like to write. I know the market is saturated with vampires, but hey I like mine. Being vampires is not all they are; the Pierce family is fighting for a better life, to be important members of society. Sound familiar? Yeah well it is, because isn’t that what we all fight for? I try to write my characters to have similar struggles, insecurities and challenges that all of us have. This way you the reader and I as the writer can relate to them. The twist is they have powers and magickal friends to help them. The supernatural aspect of my novels is there, but I feel it’s secondary to the main plot.

Almost every teenage struggles to fit in and be accepted for who they are, heck even some of us adults do this. Acceptance into the main stream is all the Pierce family wants, more so all Sophia wants. She struggle with self esteem, and just can’t understand why anyone would want to be her friend. Throughout the Embrace Series Sophia learns not only to accept others, but to accept herself as well. Once thins happens she finds friendship, love and the true meaning of family, but most of all she finds herself.

I watch my teenage daughter deal with similar struggles every day; I have had the same struggles. It wasn’t until I started writing full time that I realized who I really am and what I wanted out of my own life. I think the most important thing is to find happiness within and that’s what my characters try to do. The supernatural aspect of my story just makes it a little more fun. I mean who doesn’t want a fountain of youth, or super powers.
Now the other thing I get is comparisons to other paranormal books. I love that readers would think to compare the Embrace Series to the other vampire/witch books and shows out there. The funny thing is I have done tons of research for this series and obviously other authors have done the same. These comparisons can be traced back to the first vampire novels. Twilight is not the first vampires to drink animal blood, Vampire diaries uses a crystal to walk in the sun, well that comes from a stone that is believed to cure blood diseases and a family of witches is not uncommon  in fiction or in real life. I love writing about this kind of thing and love the readers that enjoy it as well.

With four books out in the Embrace Series I have decided to try my hand in a new genre though and am currently working on a contemporary romance.  I’m really enjoying taking my writing to a different level, but find it difficult to stay away from the paranormal. I find myself always wanting to throw in a power or a ghost or something. I think once you fall in love with the paranormal it’s hard to leave it behind and that is why I write about vampires and such, because I love them and hope you do too.  
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  1. I read the first book and the second is on my to read list. I really enjoyed it.

    1. I haven't read any of this series yet, but they are all on my very long TBR list!! :)


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