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REVIEW: Protector (Magio-Earth #1) by Joanne Wadsworth

To love and protect…across worlds.

Eighteen-year-old Faith Stryker is prepared to leap out into the unknown world beyond her home shores of New Zealand to experience life. Only she never expected to encounter Magio, a planet with two warring countries, where its people reach adulthood at eighteen by coming into their strength and prophetic abilities. Only after Faith discovers she’s a Halfling--thanks to her warrior father she’s never met--does her own skill of forethought develop.

Peacio’s Prince Davio Loveria is sent to the young Faith Stryker by his grandfather, but not all goes as planned. Davio discovers Faith isn’t just a Halfling, she’s also his soul-bound mate--an intense relationship he cannot, nor will not, give up. 

With two wars now waging…one of land and the other of the heart…can the young lovers find their place in the world?

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My Thoughts:

Spellbound, my mind spun with sudden lust-filled fantasies as I took in his staggering height. He must be at least six foot four. His hair held a slight wave and was that teasing shade in between dark blond and brown, the longer length just sweeping his shoulders. His eyes were to die for, their liquid brown speckled with gold, the darker color the exct same shade as his hair.

Protector is the first book in the Magio- Earth saga by Joanne Wadsworth. When we first meet Faith she has just turned eighteen and is trying to wrap her head around learning that she is a halfling from Magio and some unusual abilities that she has just developed when she meets Davio. There is immediate attraction between the two, but both vow to fight that attraction when Davio informs Faith that he is actually the Prince of Peacio and she is his soul bound mate. But their need for each other will prove hard to fight. 

One of the first things that I was drawn to was that it had a New Zealand link. Not living there myself but having family that does, I absolutely love books that I can have that connection to outside of the story.

When it comes to the relationship between Faith and Davio I swear I had whiplash by the end of the book. They were so backwards and forwards with their arguing, which at times became physical, and their need to love each other. They are both incredibly stubborn. Davio in his need to protect Faith and Faith in her need for independence. It took me most of the book to wrap my head around their relationship, but their connection and love had definitely grown on me more by the end of the book and I'm hoping that with the experiences that Faith has had there will be more balance to their relationship in book two.

"Your bloodshed is my bloodshed, and I need you. I will not be separated from you, for that would be a deadly kind of hell-a certain madness if it did."

I loved learning about the tensions between the two warring countries of Peacio and Dralion. The connection that Faith has to both countries was cause for a lot of the tension that was experienced throughout the book and I definitely felt her pain at being stuck in the middle so to speak. But her strength really shined through to help her deal with everything that was thrown at her.

Protector was a really enjoyable, well written book. I'm looking forward to seeing what comes next for Faith and Davio and the battle between Peacio and Dralion.

4/5 Stars!

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WAITING ON WEDNESDAY #14: Belonging (Temptation #2) by Karen Ann Hopkins

Waiting On Wednesday is a weekly event hosted by Breaking the Spine that spotlights upcoming releases that we're eagerly anticipating.

I left everything I knew behind. 

But it was worth it. He was worth it. 

No one thought an ordinary girl like me would last two minutes living with the Amish, not even me. There are a lot more rules and a lot less freedom, and I miss my family and the life I once had. Worst of all, Noah and I aren't even allowed to see each other. Not until I've proven myself. 

If I can find a way to make it work, we'll be NOAH & ROSE 

together forever. 

But not everybody believes this is where I belong.

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Expected publication: April 30th 2013


I just finished reading book one, Temptation and it was such a fantastic read!!! I loved everything about it, so I'm definitely hanging out for book two.
What book are you patiently waiting for the release of?

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BOOK BLAST & GIVEAWAY: Phantom Summer by Amy Sparling

Phantom Summer by Amy Sparling

Seventeen-year-old Taylor Gray moves to Sterling Island to get over her dead boyfriend. Mom’s cool with letting her crash on the couch, but Taylor needs to get a job before the lights are cut off again.

When the tall, dark and crazy Raine Tsunami offers her a position at his thriving ghost tour business, she figures it’s an easy way to make some cash. Taylor isn’t afraid of ghosts--that crap is as fake as her mom’s boob job. She loves their adventures on the historic island, especially the secret places he shows her when the crowds go home. So what if all the ghost stories are just legends?

When Taylor comes face to face with a ghost and Raine crosses the line between friend and boyfriend--Taylor’s new life collides with her haunted past. If murdered people end up as ghosts, then that someone she was trying to forget is probably trying to find her.

"I was wonderfully surprised by Phantom Summer!!! I couldn't put it down. Loved everything about it."
~Amazon Reviewer Angelmusic

"The emotions are so well written... I would definitely recommend reading this."
~Goodreads Reviewer Lauren

Author Amy Sparling

Amy Sparling is a Texas native with a passion for young adult literature. In her free time she participates in an unhealthy amount of Xbox playing, attends nerd conventions and reads books with her daughter. She's studying to become a high school teacher and lives near the beach with her daughter and two cats. Amy Sparling is a pen name.

$50 Book Blast Giveaway

Ends 3/10/13

Open only to those who can legally enter, receive and use an Gift Code or Paypal Cash. Winning Entry will be verified prior to prize being awarded. No purchase necessary. You must be 18 or older to enter or have your parent enter for you. The winner will be chosen by rafflecopter and announced here as well as emailed and will have 48 hours to respond or a new winner will be chosen. This giveaway is in no way associated with Facebook, Twitter, Rafflecopter or any other entity unless otherwise specified. The number of eligible entries received determines the odds of winning. Giveaway was organized by Kathy from I Am A Reader, Not A Writer and sponsored by the author. VOID WHERE PROHIBITED BY LAW.

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Today we have an author spotlight for you on Christy Sloat. I haven't read anything by Christy as yet, but these books sound awesome!!! And what stunning covers!!!

Christy Sloat is a SoCal born girl who resides in New Jersey currently with her husband, two daughters and Sophie her Chihuahua. Christy has embraced the love of reading and writing since her youth and was inspired by her grandmother’s loving support. Christy passes that love of reading, writing, and creativity to her daughters, family, and friends. When you do not find Christy within the pages of a book you can find her being mommy,  wife, crafter, and dear friend. She loves adventurous journeys with her friends  and can be known to get lost inside a bookstore. Be sure to venture into her  Past Lives Series, The Visitor’s Series, and watch for many more exciting things  to come. 

Author Links: Website l Blog l Facebook l Twitter

The Brown House
Some secrets should never be revealed…
Brylee Branson begrudgingly made the excruciating move with her family from the warm sandy beaches of California to small town living in New Jersey. As if she wasn’t miserable enough, they’ve moved into a creepy old house that everyone in the area claims is haunted. Brylee dismisses the idea of ghosts and hauntings, until she begins to see and hear things that can’t be explained…

Brylee has no choice but to seek the help of new friends to unlock the secrets of this place she now calls home. But some secrets should never be revealed. Can the teens find a way to release the spirits imprisoned within the walls? Or will the curse claim them, too?

The Many Lives of Avery Snow (The Past Lives #1)
Avery Snow led a boring, no thrills life. After her father left the family when she was young, Avery’s mother died when she was only twelve, leaving her all alone except for her Aunt Paulina. Now, at twenty-six, Avery is very used to being lonely.

She enjoys her job at Sunrise Estates, it’s the one place where she doesn’t feel left out. Her boss, Kerri, is her best friend and Lucy O’Shea, a resident at the home, is a good friend to her as well. The night Lucy dies in Avery’s arms she delivers a haunting message to Avery. She tells her that there is a man looking for her from a past life. And he will stop at nothing to have her.

Now Avery is unable sleep for more than a few hours, her dreams are keeping her awake. She is too terrified to sleep for the dreams are too vivid and too real. The only catch? She cannot remember what they are about. Until her Spirit Guide, Ianni, comes to help. Ianni shows Avery her past lives and tells her about the man who is stalking her soul. Now Avery remembers every life she has ever lived and she remembers the man she shared them with. He will not give up until she falls in love with him. The problem is Avery is in love with someone else. Ianni must help keep Avery from making the wrong choice. One her soul doesn’t want. She also must keep her safe from the Dark Guides who are after Avery.

Ianni gave up her angelic existence to save a human soul. Killing the Dark Guides caused her to be banished from Heaven. Now she will be sent to earth to live as a human. But becoming a human is complicated. She must learn their ways and try to let go of her past life as a Spirit Guide. As if that wasn’t hard enough, now she learns there is a new threat to her friends. Will Ianni strive in her new skin or fail miserably?
Follow Ianni’s new path in this novella of The Past Lives Series.

The Unraveling of Avery Snow ( The Past Lives #2)
As Avery Snow settles into her life and relationships with those around her, she fights to forget her past lives. All of which she spent with Landon, who still has no recollection of who she really is. It seems better that way. Even though she still feels a draw to his soul, she chooses to ignore it.

For now everything is fine. Her boyfriend, Dallas, has opened a new restaurant. Her friends, Ianni and Kerri, are settling into their lives as well. But when news of a new Dark Guide is revealed, Avery is forced to start thinking about the life she truly leads. One that is very abnormal. One she is desperate to forget. This Dark Guide is determined to make Avery pay for the death of someone she held dear.

Now Avery’s life has gone from seemingly perfect to falling apart. What will be at stake next? Her life? Her love? And who will be there in the end to help her up off the ground? 

Even the strongest love can unravel. 

Will Avery be able to hold it all together, or will she just let go?

Book Links: Goodreads l Amazon l Barnes & Noble l Smashwords

COVER REVEAL: TIED (Fire Born #1) by Laney McMann

Title: Tied: Fire Born #1
Author: Laney McMann
Expected Publication Date: September 9, 2013

Normal people don't believe their nightmares stalk them. They don’t fall in love with boys who don’t exist, either. 

Seventeen-year-old Layla Labelle, though, is far from normal. Her delusions walk the earth. Her hallucinations hunt her, and her skin heats to a burn every time her anger flares. 

Or is that all in her head? 

Layla doesn't know what to believe any more because if none of that’s true, Max MacLarnon must be an illusion, and her heart must still be broken. 

No matter how much she wants to believe Max is real, doing so would mean everything else is, too. How, then, is that possible? 

The answers lie in an age-old legend the supernatural aren’t prepared to reveal, and with a curse that could tear Layla and Max apart forever—if it doesn’t kill them both first. 

In TIED, book one in the Fire Born trilogy, learning the truth will mean fighting an arsenal of demons, and being with Max will put Layla on a path toward her own destruction. 

Just how far will Layla go to protect the one she loves? 

The answer may never be far enough ... away. 

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BLOG TOUR - EXCERPT: Concealed in the Shadows by Gabrielle Arrowsmith

Tour Sign-Ups: Concealed in the Shadows by Gabrielle Arrowsmith

Sydney Harter has long awaited September 12th, 2033, her eighteenth birthday. She can finally apply for guardianship of her sister Evvie, her only family and entire world. Sydney holds a sliver of hope that they will be lawfully reunited, and that light will return to her desolate life, but she is prepared to defy authority and risk everything to escape Miles County so that she and Evvie can live full lives together.

Escaping will be difficult and dangerous. Citizens are bound to their county by sophisticated chip implants that deliver shocks to anyone who crosses the county's electric barrier. Sydney is very clever, but her trickery is limited against the all-seeing eyes of county technology. It seems impossible to escape into the forgotten forests and cities of the past, but Sydney is determined to find a way if she is denied guardianship of her sister. For years she has longed to break free from the government's experimental Petri Dish and the hallowed drones that inhabit it.

What Sydney doesn't know is that the county has particular interest in her. Her place in this complex dystopia is about to change. Deceit, fear, and warfare, will come to characterize her life, yet her love for Evvie will always prevail. She must protect her sister, but at what cost?


Chapter 26 (pgs. 178-180 in paperback). Significance: Sydney has a nightmare that is relevant to her reality. Through it, she realizes that in demanding a mission to recover her sister from harm, she risks the lives of the righteous soldiers who have become her friends.

Finally, I run from the sleeping quarters in my pajamas to look for Evvie elsewhere in the orphanage. I think I find her in the shower commune, but the shivering little girl with the long, soaking hair isn’t her. I grab a towel off of the high shelf that she can’t reach and wrap it around her. The little girl smiles and thanks me kindly. I nod and turn to exit but she calls to me. I turn around to see what she needs.
“Did you try the dining hall?” she asks with a sinister grin. I cock my head with confusion. How did she know that I was looking for Evvie? Her eyes blacken and she lets out a menacing laugh, more chilling than the other girls giggling in unison. I back away from her slowly and then turn to run to the dining hall.
Below the split-level stairs I hear the echoes of marching feet. I duck as I round onto the lower level to see what’s before me.
All of the boys wear hunter green cargo pants and tee shirts. All at once, they turn their heads and glance at me at the foot of the stairwell. I wouldn’t have noticed her otherwise, but the voice of the one who tells the rest to proceed is a girl just a bit older than me. I know her from somewhere.
The boys heed to their order and begin filing into the dining hall. I become aware of an African American boy who reaches for the hand of a younger boy with the same colored skin who marches by his side. The little boy looks up at who appears to be his big brother. The little one reads bravery in his brother’s face, but from my distance I can tell that it’s feigned. The younger brother looks straight ahead and tries to find courage, for both of their sakes, while the older brother swallows hard.
At first, all that can be heard as they round the corner into the dining hall is the rhythm of their marching feet, but soon screams and wails of agony accompany the drum.
I run past the brick wall to the glass-pane hallway where I see the director of the orphanage. She wears a pair of black-rimmed, rectangular glasses and a black, ceremonial vestment, similar to a judge’s robe. The director smiles at me and then electrocutes a boy with the click of a button. She holds the button, eyes fixed on me, until he falls motionless on the floor. Then I recognize a shriller scream to the side of me. Evvie.
She is strapped into a stilted chair, floating high above the action. She begs for the director to stop, but the massacre continues. Evvie cries to the boys, trying to warn them, but they march on, bravely, to their deaths.
I try to run to my tortured sister, but a thick glass wall stops me. I spin around but I’m engulfed by impenetrable glass. Evvie sees me, but she’s not concerned that I’m trapped. She continues to whimper and plead, but now it’s me that she’s begging to stop.
I look down to find the remote in my hand. My thumb presses the button. I drop it, but the groans of the tortured boys continue. The glass thickens and becomes foggy. I can’t see what’s happening. I can’t see Evvie. The faces of the giggling girls upstairs suddenly surround the glass. They push the glass closer and closer, pinching my hand against the button on the remote that is again in my hand. I can’t breathe, nor can I stop the screams or the laughter. I gasp for air, but find none.
Something light and cool strokes my cheek. Finally, air rushes into my lungs. I spin around and the girls are gone. So is the glass that trapped me.
“Sorry,” a voice says. I roll over on the cold floor to see Crewe sitting beside me. He is dressed in camouflage again, and a gun lies across his lap. “You were having a nightmare. I just thought… sorry.”
It was just a nightmare, but then so is the reality I’ve awoken to.

GABRIELLE ARROWSMTIH enjoyed writing her debut novel, Concealed in the Shadows, during a lovely Minnesota summer that she had off from her primary profession, teaching. She looks forward to continuing the story. Acting, playing and coaching soccer, reading, playing piano, and spending time with family and friends are among her other interests.

Links: Goodreads l Amazon l Createspace l Blog l Facebook

PROMO POST: Seduced Saga by Kimberly Kinrade‏ (NEW ADULT)

Twilight meets Beautiful Creatures.” Introducing A New Adult Erotic Romance.

What fans and critics are saying about The Seduced Saga:
“Twilight meets Beautiful Creatures” ~ A Simple Mom on Amazon

“Sexy, sweet, suspenseful! The story line is great, the sexy scenes are honest, and the characters are wonderfully conflicted. Kimberly Kinrade knows how to tell a story and weave it together flawlessly.” ~Jennifer Novotny “Irelynkiss”

“An intriguing paranormal twist of a Romeo and Juliette story. I was hooked within the first few pages.” ~ Josette Schaber “Josette Evanlea”

“True love at its finest.” ~Stephanie Mayfield 

About the Seduced Saga:
Rose Wintersong didn’t have an ordinary upbringing. Raised in what most would call a hippy commune, but what is actually a powerful coven of witches, she never questions the life fate chose for her.

Until she meets Derek O’Conner.

Derek challenges everything Rose believes and forces her to see the secrets hidden beneath the whitewashed walls of her idyllic country life.

Rose knows she should walk away, that the sexy martial arts instructor is bad news bred to create discord in her tight community… but the animal magnetism between them is impossible to fight.

Caught between the passion of first love, and the steady beat of the life she’s always known, Rose must choose between the innocence of her youth or the pleasures of womanhood–but lost innocence comes at a price, and Rose harbors a dark secret that could destroy everyone she loves–including Derek.

Buy links:
Seduced by Innocence

Seduced by Pain
Look for the third book in the trilogy, Seduced by Power, coming soon!

About the author:
Kimberly Kinrade was born with ink in her veins and magic in her heart. She writes fantasy and paranormal stories for children, YA and adults and still believes in magic worlds. Check out her YA paranormal novels Forbidden Mind and Forbidden Fire and her illustrated children's fantasy chapter books Lexie World, and Bella World, all on Amazon.

She lives with her three little girls who think they're ninja princesses with super powers, her two dogs who think they're humans and her husband, also known as the sexy Russian Prince, who is the love of her life and writing partner.

Find out more at

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BLOG TOUR - EXCERPT & GIVEAWAY: Black Moon (Paige Tailor #1) by Jessica McQuay

Release Date: October 2012
Series / Stand Alone: Book #1 in The Paige Taylor Series
Genre: YA/NA Paranormal Fantasy Novel

"Am I losing my mind?"

Paige couldn't help but question her sanity. What other explanation could there be for her hearing a conversation held barely above a whisper in the back of a classroom full of students? What about coming home to find one of those very classmates lying in wait in the darkness of her home, ready to attack her?

Confused, frustrated and feeling every ounce of her social ostracism, Paige confides in the one person she's always been able to count on: her mom. But when her mom reveals a deeply rooted, unbelievable family secret, Paige discovers her world is filled with more than she ever imagined possible. A world where fairytales live alongside nightmares and secrets are the glue that binds them together. Suddenly no one is who they seem and Paige is faced with more questions than answers. Can she survive in a world filled with creatures scarier than anything she could imagine and where deceit runs as thick as blood? Or will the truth send her over the edge?

Book Links: Goodreads Amazon l Barnes & Noble l Kobo Book Trailer

“Matt, Tommy, I am thrilled to know you are finding
the reading so interesting that you’re discussing it amongst
yourselves. Perhaps you’d like to share your findings with the rest
of the class?”
“I seriously doubt Matt wants the class to know that he’s been
cheating on his girlfriend Samantha by hooking up with Rachel.”
Oh no. Oh no no no no no! How had I known THAT?
And why, oh why, did it come from my mouth, out loud, to
the entire class?
I know how I knew. Matt’s voice was the one I’d heard earlier.
How is that even possible?

I didn’t have time to contemplate; I had a classroom full of
people wondering the exact same thing judging by the looks on
some of their faces.
“How did you know that, Tailor?”
I swung around and found myself face to face with Matt. I
didn’t know if the surprise had time to register on my face before
he was leaning down into it, his voice a controlled whisper.
“If I find out that you’ve been spying on me, you little nobody,
you will wish you never let my name touch your lips.”
The hairs on my neck and arms came to life, and chills
pricked along my skin. I couldn’t look away from his eyes. They’d
gone black as night with the exception of the pupils which were
blazing gold. My tongue wouldn’t move my mouth was so dry. I
couldn’t find my voice and I was starting to shiver just as Mr. O
stepped between us.
“Matthew, get back to your seat.”

There were only three things Jessica loved to do growing up; reading, writing and playing music. She discovered her love for writing at a young age, when she realized she could create anything she wanted with words. Jessica lives in Sacramento, CA with her husband, four children, goldfish named Sparkle and her cat, Talula. When she isn’t working on the next Paige Tailor novel, taking her children to one activity or another, or folding the never ending laundry of a six person family, Jessica enjoys playing her clarinet in the community band or dancing like there is no tomorrow at Zumba.

Author Links: Website l Blog l Facebook

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You can follow along with the rest of the tour at the links below.

COVER REVEAL: Beneath (Heven and Hell #3.5) by Cambria Hebert

I'm so excited to be able to share with you the gorgeous cover for the latest book in the Heven and Hell Series by Cambria Hebert. Cambria's books always have such amazing covers, and this one is no exception.

Title: Beneath (Heven and Hell #3.5)
Author: Cambria Hebert
Genre: Young Adult paranormal/fantasy
Release Date: March 29, 2013
Format: Ebook only
Cover designer: Regina Wamba at Mae I Design

Where I came from everything is perfect. Everything is beautiful and predictable. Life isn’t measured by days, but by infinite joy that never ends.
But it did.
When I fell in love with a man who was perfectly imperfect.
The price for forbidden affection was steep and my beautiful white wings withered and died around me.
I was fallen. I am fallen.
Years have passed, and I’ve learned the true meaning of time. I’ve learned to build a wall around myself and exist alone. Yet, when he looks at me… the heart beneath my armor trembles.
But I must remember.
I must remember that I might not have anything left to lose, but he certainly does. And risking him is something I won’t do. So I lock my feelings where they belong.

Order of the Heven and Hell series:

Cambria Hebert is the author of the young adult paranormal Heven and Hell series and the Death Escorts series. She loves a caramel latte, hates math and is afraid of chickens (yes, chickens). She went to college for a bachelor’s degree, couldn’t pick a major and ended up with a degree in cosmetology. So rest assured her characters will always have good hair. She currently lives in Pennsylvania with her husband and children (both human and furry) where she is plotting her next book. You can find out more about Cambria and her work by visiting

Follow her on Twitter:
Cambria website:
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