Tuesday, February 12, 2013

REVIEW: Protector by Tressa Messenger

When Anna-Marie’s boyfriend, Dylan, dies under mysterious circumstances it drives her into a deep depression. She desperately clings to his memories for solace. 

After reports come out of a second mysterious death, Anna-Marie climbs her way out of despair as she throws herself into a search for the assailant, who is callously tearing so many lives apart. During Anna-Marie’s search, she has a chance encounter with a mysterious man who flips her world upside down once again. Alessandro Pierre appears just as normal as the next guy, but he is far from it. 

The further Anna-Marie digs into a world she isn’t quite prepared for; she gets caught up in a deadly game from her worst nightmares and eventually learns that it is her own world as well.

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My Thoughts:

I have been so disconnected for so long and I was content to live that way. I have been living my life in a blur. I can't tell you anything about this past year, other than how I have felt. Then you came along. You didn't know me or Dylan. It allowed me to get out of my head and start over. Then you went away and I felt lost all over again.

Anna-Marie and Dylan have been best friends since they were small children. Over the years their friendship turned to love and they had been dating since they were sixteen. WIth the expectation of spending the rest of their lives together, Anna-Marie falls into a deep and dark depression when she finds Dylan after he has been attacked on the doorstep of their apartment. The only time she seems to find peace is when she is visiting Dylan's grave where she sits and talks to him and tells him about her days. After there is another similar attack to Dylan's, Anna-Marie decides to investigate. It's during her investigations that she meets Alessandro Pierre and a friendship between the two develops. 

Alessandro has always maintained that he doesn't need or want love. It only causes pain, so he has lived without it for many years. But he didn't count on Anna-Marie finding her way into his heart. But Alessandro hasn't been completely honest with Anna-Marie. When his secrets are revealed will she be able to get past what he tells her? 

First off Protector was given to me for review and slated as Young Adult. I just want to clarify that there isn't anyone in the YA age group featured throughout the book. I think all of the characters are over the age of thirty. That being said there is nothing that doesn't make it suitable for an under 18 audience. It does contain sex but there is nothing overly descriptive about those particular scenes.

Protector had all the elements that makes a great read... Great writing, likeable characters, an engaging storyline, action, romance and enough surprises to keep you invested in the story. I loved the history and backstory that was woven throughout. I loved the relationship between Alessandro and Michael. And I loved the ending which will have you heading straight for the next book in the series. I know I'll definitely be checking that out!!! 

4 /5 Stars.

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