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REVIEW: Life on Loan by Adrianne James

When seventeen year old Paige Daniels can no longer ignore the pangs of hunger, a dumpster is often her only source of nourishment. Paige has never had the opportunity to be a typical teenager. From the time she was thirteen, life has been lived on the streets. She steals what she needs to survive, but never without a silent apology and a promise to pay for whatever she took when she has the chance.

Paige finds herself with a new partner, twenty year old Noah, and her life changes in more ways than she ever thought possible. After waking up to the first snow fall of the year, Paige and Noah attempt to steal a blanket but end up taking more than they ever had before.

Will Paige and Noah just give up what they have come to know? Or will they do anything to keep the life they have begun to live?

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My Thoughts:

"Always remember who has helped you in any way, Paige" is what she tells me. "One day you can repay them. The bad in life doesn't last forever; remember that and you will be fine." I wish that were true.

Seventeen year old Paige Daniels has not had an easy life. In fact the last few years have been far from it. Paige lives on the streets, sleeping on park benches and scrounging for food in dumpsters. Everything she owns she carries around in a backpack. Her most prized possession is a journal that she uses to write down her thoughts and feelings. Sometimes in order to survive Paige has to resort to stealing food or a blanket to keep her warm through the bitter winter. She also uses the journal to keep track of everything she's stolen along the way and who she has stolen it from. Paige vows that one day when her life is back on track and she is in a better postion she will repay everyone to make up for it.

Living on the streets is a hard and lonely existence. It's hard to know who you can trust. But then twenty year old Noah enters her life at a time when she needs a friend the most. Noah hasn't been on the streets as long as Paige, so she teaches him the ropes. Theirs is a beautiful friendship. They care for and protect each other. But as things become harder in their world so to do the extremes they will go to to survive.

It's almost impossible not to feel for Paige and Noah and the lives that they are living, but more so Paige because she has lived it for so long and been through so much. But she is so strong and despite what she has endured both her and Noah still have hopes and dreams for something better.

"We will find a way. We'll have a house and a life together. We will always have groceries in our fridge and clean clothes on our bodies. We just need to figure out how. And we will. I promise we will."

Life on Loan is not your typical Young Adult read. There is no worrying about makeup or the latest fashions. There are no decisions about what party to attend on the weekend. There is no gossiping with friends or stressing about homework and grades. But what you will find is hardships, loneliness, a fierce desire for a better life and the power of love when it is least expected.

This was quite a quick read and I would love to see a sequel to Life on Loan. To know what happens after this. To see what life throws at them and if any of the decisions or actions that they took will have a greater impact on them than they already have. 

A thoroughly enjoyable, well written read!!

4.5/5 Stars!!

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