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REVIEW: Deadgirl by B.C. Johnson

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"You know how it is: go on a date, get killed, wake up the next morning. No? Just me?" - Lucy Day 

Fifteen-year-old Lucy Day falls between the gears in the machinery of the afterlife. She is murdered while on her first date, but awakens a day later, completely solid and completely whole. She has no hunger for brains, blood, or haunting, so she crosses “zombie,” “vampire,” and “ghost” off her list of re-life possibilities. But figuring out what she is becomes the least of her worries when Abraham, Lucy’s personal Grim Reaper, begins dogging her, dead-set on righting the error that dropped her back into the spongy flesh of a living girl.

Lucy must put her mangled life back together, escape re-death, and learn to control her burgeoning psychic powers while staying one step ahead of Abraham. But when she learns the devastating price of coming back from the dead, Lucy is forced to make the hardest decision of her re-life—a decision that could save her loved ones...or kill them.


I have been sent some amazing books to review this year. And you can put Deadgirl right up there with the best of them!! This book was just... WOW!!! This is one fantastic, didn't want to put down read!! 

Deadgirl starts at a really nice pace as you get to know the characters. And then BAM!!! The action begins!! There is so much that I want to talk about, but whatever I say will spoil it for you all and this is definitely a book that you MUST read!!

Lucy Day is a normal 15yo girl, going to school, hoping to get Zack to ask her on a date and spending time with friends. She finally gets that date with Zack, but before the end of the night she is murdered. But then the next day she wakes up... Now she must piece together what is happening to her while trying to outrun Abraham who is trying to end her existence. I loved all the characters. Lucy is one kick ass protagonist!! If I was in a bind, I would definitely want her on my side!! Morgan, is such a caring best friend and really comes through for Lucy! Puck, is someone that Lucy meets on her journey and at one point in the book we get to learn the back story of Puck, which I loved. And then we have Zack... I loved him! At one stage we get a glimpse into his feelings for Lucy... Perfectly written!!

There is a scene towards the end of the book that takes place in Starbucks, and despite me being so upset with what was happening, I think that if it had been written any other way I would have been disappointed because the way it turns out fits in just as it should with the story.

I don't think that I have read a book written by a male author told from a females point of view that was so spot on before. The romance was perfect, the interaction with her friends was perfect. The action was perfect. The whole book was perfect!! I can't express how much I loved Deadgirl. One of my favourite reads of the year to date!!

A HUGE, HUGE 5/5 Stars

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