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BLOG TOUR: Pretty Sacrifices by Devin O'Branagan

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In the post-apocalyptic world following a pandemic, dark angels arrive in Glory's small hometown to claim the eternal souls of her loved ones. Targeted by evil because of her heroism during the great plague, Glory fights back with the help of gutsy young witch Kaia, inexperienced guardian angel Sasha, and her intrepid demon-fighting dog Hallelujah. Complicating everything, a rift in time reunites Glory with an old flame and forces her to pay a huge price for love. The legend of Glory continues!

The second book in the Legend of Glory trilogy!

Glory was nominated for the 2011 Best Popular Paperback for Young Adults List, sponsored by the Young Adult Library Services Association (YALSA) of the American Library Association.

Bestselling author Devin O'Branagan writes novels about uncommon heroes. Her genres include young adult urban fantasy, paranormal thrillers, and comic mysteries. She also writes a humor column for TAILS Magazine, is a member of the Dog Writers Association of America, and many of her writing projects support animal rescue. All of her books are available in both print and eBook formats. Visit her website at

Excerpt from Pretty Sacrifices

“Let our daughter go,” Kevin said. “This doesn’t concern her.”

Nyx reached out and wrapped one of Kaia’s curls around her finger. “Oh, this concerns her intimately. I understand that she was born to be a demon-hunter too.”

“Please?” Deirdre begged.

Nyx yanked hard on Kaia’s hair before releasing it. As Kaia winced, Nyx cocked her head. “Oh, that maternal bond is such a mystery to me. Tell you what, Momma Moonstone, let’s see whom you really love more. I’ll give you a choice. I will let you and your daughter live, but banish your husband to one of my special little hells of endless torment, or you and your husband will die together and I’ll send you both to that happy afterlife realm you so quaintly call Summerland. Your daughter will be a sad little orphan, and I promise to never let her rest in peace. Which will it be, Momma Moonstone?”

A cry of anguish escaped Deirdre.

Kaia thought fast—she didn’t want her father to suffer. “Aunt Brennan will take care of me, and I’ll grow up to be the best demon-fighter in the whole world. I’ll vanquish Nyx someday. I promise.”

Nyx regarded Kaia with a look of amusement, then returned her attention to Deirdre.

“You’ve got thirty seconds to make your choice: your husband or your daughter? Whom do you love more?”

Deirdre stared at Kaia, her face pale as moonlight.

“Tick tock.” Nyx’s voice was smooth. “You choose, or I’ll make the choice for you.”

“Send us to Summerland,” Deirdre whispered. “I’m so sorry, Kaia. I love you more than you’ll ever know.”

Kaia broke free of Nyx’s invisible grasp and raced toward her parents. The albino bear magically appeared and tackled her moments before an enormous bolt of lightning slammed into the tree that held her parents captive.

Berry Bear tried to cover Kaia’s face so she wouldn’t witness the execution, but she bit his paw, he jerked it away, and she saw it all. The roar of thunder drowned out her shrieks. She kicked, pummeled, and bit Berry Bear until she was able to squirm out from beneath him. Trembling, she managed to stand tall and proud and face the enemy. “I will vanquish you, Nyx.”

A slow grin crossed Nyx’s face. “Our day will come, little spitfire.”

Kaia’s hatred exploded and she charged Nyx, but Berry Bear intercepted her. He scooped Kaia up in his arms and raced toward the village.

“I’ll vanquish her,” she whispered through choking sobs. “If it’s the last thing I do.”

PRETTY SACRIFICES is available in both print and eBook formats.  has links to most of the places where PRETTY SACRIFICES may be purchased:  And while there, check out photographs of all the characters from the novel and see a very cool book trailer video!

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