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Five Questions With... A.M. Hudson

AUTHOR BIO: (Taken from Goodreds)
A.M. Hudson started writing full-time after her third child. 
She lives a more than ordinary life in Australia with her husband and children. When she's not writing, she sings in a duo or can be found under a pile of books.

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Tears of the Broken (Dark Secrets #1)

Blood and death is all that should matter. 
Tragedy brought her to a new place.
Fate put her in the arms of a vampire.
The truth will tear her apart. 

Hailed as the most inspiring read since Twilight.
Take a journey of tears and heartache as Ara finds that love is a reason to live. 
Will the vampire be her knight, or will the truth about him finish what Fate started?

The Knight of the Rose (Dark Secrets #2)

Sequel to the internationally successful vampire novel, Tears of the Broken.

Love was only the beginning of her nightmares. 

When Ara discovered the existence of vampires, she was given the choice between a life as one of them, or a life without her true love.

But fate has a funny way of making choices for you. 

After breaking the heart of the boy she loves with a truth he cannot bear, Ara will find herself in the arms of a predator who will steal her innocence and force the hand of fate. 

Will David Knight become her rescuer once again, or will he be too late?

The Heart's Ashes (Dark Secrets #3)

Death never leaves us. Once it's touched our souls, it hungers for our return--waiting for us to fall. And if it finds Ara again, she will have no way to escape.

Moving on from David was hard, forgetting the abduction and torture was almost impossible, but nothing as devastating as the thought that now, because of her, David might face the horrific punishments of the Set. 

No one knows where David went after he lost Ara, but she can only hope he's the one leaving subtle clues for her to discover, and it makes her desperate to find him--desperate enough that she would risk her life, hanging out with an informant who means to kill her. What truths she is told about David's dark past, though, will threaten to change her heart and destroy the way Ara perceives everything. She must ask herself if it's right to love one monster, then hate the one who tried to destroy her. 

In all her searching, the promise of immortality will finally be renewed, but sold at a price Ara's not sure she's willing to pay. 

Is love enough to make her submit to this new role, or will it fail her once again and leave her reaching back for the grasp of death?
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1. Why did you choose to write a book in the Young Adult genre?

A: I love YA. It's light, easy to read, and you can reach a greater market than if you write purely for adults. There are more adults that read from the YA sector than there are teenagers. I also wanted a chance to reach out to the younger generation, give them a journey they would never forget, a book they could relate to and a hunky vampire to drool over that was worth the drool.

2. Who is your favourite character you have written and why?

A: Ooh, that's a tough one. My first answer would be Jason, because he is so much more complex than anyone knows. He looks like the bad guy, but when you get a little deeper, you see so many human vulnerabilities and heartaches that you just can't help but to love him. But, I think, as much as everyone wants to strangle her, I like Ara. She is a head-case, she is spoiled, selfish and wouldn't know what was good for her if it came up and hit her in the head, but at the same time, she never pretends to be anything she's not. So, I just love her for that and for her honesty with her own heart. It might not be morally right, the way she feels, but she never tries to hide her inner truths. I could see her as a friend I'd get along with.

3. Describe a typical writing day for you?

A: I get up, get the kids to school, come back and eat food, drink pints of coffee then check my emails, sales figures and Facebook notifications, then write and write (or edit). Then, when I can't see anymore, I jump up, do some mundane activities, eg; washing, dishes, then drink more coffee, have some water and brain food (banana) then sit and write, and write. Then get the kids. Come home. Write. Stop to cook dinner. Write. Scream at the kids to get pyjamas on and to leave me alone while I'm writing. Then, in a huff, I get up off my chair, read stories, do teeth, all the stuff you do at bed, kisses goodnight, then I come and sit back down...and write. Morning starts to show through the cracks in my blinds, so I sleep, then wake up and do it all again. I love it!

4. What are you reading at the moment?

A: several books have been started. None have drawn me in enough to keep me away from writing. Was reading Game of Thrones, because I love the TV series, just finished Fifty Shades of Grey and the one after comment **blushes**...and am really impatiently anticipating the release of the second book in the Discovery of Witches series.

5. If you turned your ipod on now, what would be the song that is currently playing?

A: Uum...hang on...I'll check... probably Muse. Oh, nope, not today. Today it's Half Remembered Dream from the Inception Soundtrack (my 'bath' soundtrack).


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