Monday, September 17, 2012

REVIEW: What I've Done by Jen Naumann

Seventeen-year-old Lily Rossow is used to taking care of her burnout mother and 6-year-old sister Rose. But when her mother’s attempt to move the family to California only months before graduation goes horribly wrong, Lily faces the challenges of making a life for her and her sister in a new town while hoping her complicated past doesn’t find her. Things take an unexpected turn when two beautiful and helpful strangers come into Lily and Rose’s life. But nothing is easy for Lily. And when she uncovers a dark secret about these two mysterious men, she must make a life-altering decision-one that threatens to break the balance in an ancient battle between good and evil.

My Thoughts:
Lily Rossow sure doesn't have a picture perfect life. In fact it's very far from it. Her father passed away some years ago and her mother is so far removed from providing the love and care that Lily and her sister Rose need. Lily and Rose have been part of and witnessed some pretty horrible things in their lives. Out of the blue one day their mother informs them that they are leaving their home and moving to California. But things don't go so well on the trip and Lily and Rose's life becomes much more complicated.

It's in California that two gorgeous strangers enter Lily's life. Gabe and Eli both enter the picture at different times but they both appear when the sisters are vulnerable and in need. Their friendship and presence fill voids for Lily at a time when she is dealing with so much.

While the paranormal element is somewhat eluded to, it's still a fair way into the book when the full extent of it is revealed. And that's when the true battle between good and evil begins. And sometimes it can take a while to realize just exactly what and who is the evil and even longer to understand why!!

I really enjoyed Jen Naumann's writing style. I loved her development of the characters. And I loved the paranormal aspect of the story. It's definitely been left at a point where the story can be added to and I really hope that we see at least one more book to round everything out for us. Overall What I've Done is a really solid and enjoyable read!!

4/5 Stars!!

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