Friday, September 28, 2012

BOOK REVIEW: The Man Painter (Painter Series #2) by Melissa Turner Lee

Secrets can kill a relationship. But the secrets Holly and Theo keep from each other in the start of their relationship could mean the death of either of them. Fritz holds all the cards, and raises the stakes in this deadly, more adult conclusion of The Painter Series.

My Thoughts:
You know how there are those books that when you read them, whether it's a reread or something new in the series, it's just like the best feeling of contentment. Like catching up with a friend that you haven't seen for a while. That's how I feel about The Painter Series. Melissa Turner Lee was one of the first authors to ever contact me about a book review and I fell in love with her unique story and characters in The Earth Painter. And so I have been waiting somewhat impatiently for The Man Painter to be released.

This book picks up two years after the first. We see a much stronger and more mature Holly this time around. She is still madly in love with Theo, but she hasn't heard a word from him and has no idea where he is. But things come into play that will see them brought back together... 

I loved the Theo we see in The Man Painter. He's had to go through a lot to get to where he is at this point. And those struggles aren't over with yet. But Holly and Theo are keeping things from each other. Both trying to protect the one that they love.

Holly's mum is completely and utterly horrid!! She is right on par with Fritz in her evilness. Yes, it's a different type of evil, it's not the hands on evil of Fritz but she really outdoes herself in this book.

Khai-Ree-Hloa-Theo and Bio gave me so many scenes where I laughed out loud at their reactions to Holly and Theo's relationship and to things in general. Khai Ree is an absolutely brilliant character!!

This is a much more grown up and rounded book than the first. As in all relationships, things progress and eventually become intimate, but those scenes were never too much. They were wonderfully written and never pushed the boundaries in their description but were written so that you could completely feel the love that was being experienced.

I know that The Painter Series will be books that I will definitely read again and again. If you want something unique and fantastically written then you really can't go past these books and the wonderful writing of Melissa Turner Lee.

5/5 Stars!!

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