Friday, September 7, 2012

REVIEW: Mark of the Princess (The Kingdom Chronicles #1) by B.C. Morin

The feisty and determined faerie Princess Alannah is many things, but she never thought she would be the key to her people’s destruction.

Kidnapped for a power she does not yet possess, Alannah finds herself in the clutches of the most malevolent sorcerer of her time. Maligo. Alannah escapes her prison with help from the handsome and stalwart warrior faerie, Brennus.

Now she must cross mountains and forests fraught with rogue faeries, vicious Fae-hating trolls, dangerous shape-shifters, and more to reach the only ones that can help her control her incoming powers. The Elder Faeries.

With Brennus by her side, Alannah is determined to reach the Elder Faeries and save her people. Maligo is just as determined she never makes it that far. 

My Thoughts:

I first heard about this book way back before it was published and I lapped up all of the photo teasers that the author would post on her facebook page. The premise of the story really appealed to me but it was the visual teasers that really got me interested.

Mark of the Princess took me a little while to get into. For me, there seemed to be an abundance of characters and the chapters or portions of chapters at the beginning of the book seemed to be quite short. At around the 20% mark it was like a light bulb went off in my head and everything seemed to click into place for me and my slow old brain had managed to work out who everyone was and how they all fit into the story and then I couldn't put it down!! 

Faerie Princess Alannah has led a somewhat sheltered life as the result of her parents being quite protective. It's while out one day with her sister, Princess Evyette that Alannah is kidnapped and taken to the incredibly dark and evil Maligo who has learnt of the extraordinary powers that Alannah will one day possess. It's while she is attempting to escape from Maligo's evil clutches that she encounters Brennus who is also being held captive. Together they attemp to make their way to safety whilst coming under the constant attacks from the evil forces that lurk along the way.

While the main focus of the story is Alannah we get incites into the other characters, Brennus, Evyette, Tristan and Kaleb to name a few, so that by the end of the book you feel that you have a really good understanding of them all. Personally I loved Brennus. He's arrogant, cocky, protective and passionate. And all of those body markings don't hurt with completing the picture either!!

Mark of the Princess is a book filled with a richness of words and magic!! It is a book filled with action, and some romance thrown in to balance it all out. But I have to make mention of that ending!! All I can say is PLEASE don't make me wait too long for the next instalment!! I'm desperate to find out what happens next!!

4/5 Stars!!

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