Saturday, September 29, 2012

GUEST REVIEW: The Lost Queen (The Empyrical Tales #2) by Mark Miller

Zandria and Olena continue their adventures in the land of Empyrean. Zandria discovers a magical crystal that may be the clue to finding their mother, who has been missing the past six years. Zandria and some new friends set out on a quest to recover the other crystals. The wicked Carnivale Chaotica ringleader, Raymond Shaydaway, wants the crystals for his own evil ends and will stop at nothing to take them from Zandria. Now Zandria must solve the mystery of the Lost Queen if she has any hope of finding her mother.

More often than not as story has a tendency to peter out as the tale continues in book sequels. Not so with the second book in The Empyrical Tales. Suspenseful and even a tiny bit creepy at times, like all good fairy tales should be, The Lost Queen is packed with in depth story telling and fast paced action as our little Zandria heads out to fulfill her quest. This book just zips along,never leaving the reader wanting.

The storyline already established from the first book, The Fourth Queen,this one picks right up where the other left off. Im fast falling in love with the creatures and characters Mark Miller has created. From the Skordians to our little "Doc",the dwarf,and even our villian,Raymond Shadaway, its hard for me to pick out a favorite! I guess Ill have to keep reading!

5/5 Stars!

Reviewed by Carolyn Seiver for YA Book Addict

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