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Cover Reveal Tour, Giveaway & Review: I Loved You First by Reena Jacobs

I would like to thank Reena Jacobs for the opportunity to participate in the one year anniversary celebrations for I Loved You First! You can check out the rest of the tour schedule HERE!

Reena Jacobs is just a writer who loves to see her words in print. As an avid reader, she’s known to hoard books and begs her husband regularly for “just one more purchase.” Her home life is filled with days chasing her preschooler and nights harassing her husband. Between it all, she squeezes in time for writing and growling at the dog.
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Alexandria (Alex) Carmichael guards two secrets close to her heart. One―she’s in love with her best friend, Seth. Two―he’s gay.
As a freshman in college, Alex looks forward to fun times with her best friend. When Seth decides cycling through girlfriends is the way to fit in with the straight crowd, Alex must make a choice: watch Seth give his affection to another while her heart breaks or come clean with her feelings and risk losing his friendship forever.
I LOVED YOU FIRST is a new adult love story told through the eyes of Alex, an African-American/Caucasian student, who takes a journey of self-discovery while watching her best friend come to terms with his sexuality.
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I Loved You First is on sale until August 5. Readers can pick up I Loved You First for $0.99 at Amazon & Barnes & Nobles or use the coupon code below at Smashwords.
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I Loved You First is the story of Alex and Seth. It's a story of friendship, love, personal struggles and growth. It's a story of getting lost in the shadows of someone else. It's a story of rediscovering the person that you are.
Alex is desperately in love with her best friend Seth. She will do anything for him. Even to the extent of relegating herself to the backburner. But it doesn't matter how much she loves him, or what she does to make him happy. Seth will never return her feelings. For Seth has a secret. A secret he goes to great lengths to keep hidden. Seth is gay.
Reena Jacobs has done an amazing job of conveying the struggles of a gay man trying to fit in. His struggles were so very real. As far as we have come in society in the acceptance of someone who is gay, there still remains a section of people who think that being gay is wrong, or bad, or evil, or a choice. Tell me, who would choose to be looked down upon? Who would choose to be bullied?  Who would choose to be beat up on? Who would choose to be an outcast? Who would choose to have friends turn against them? Who would choose to have to pretend to be someone they are not?
When I first started reading I Loved You First I thought the main focus of the story was going to be on Seth because his story is one that I could relate to... I have a brother who is gay... But in the end this was both Seth's and Alex's stories. I can't say that I liked both characters all of the time because there were points in the book when they both did things that annoyed me. But I think that what makes characters likeable is that they have flaws.
I Loved You First is not your typical YA read. It broaches some pretty hard hitting issues, besides the ones I have already spoken about, but is an incredibly well written and touching story!! I thank the author so much for writing it and for giving me the opportunity to read and review it!!
A definite 5/5 Stars!!!
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  1. Personally, I prefer friends of the same gender. In my case girls. I feel more comfortable than with guys. Most of my friends are girls but it is different for everyone. I can be really shy but mostly with guys.

  2. I just finished reading Infinity by Rachel Ward. Personally I loved the trilogy but the first book Numbers was my favorite. It's a YA book.

  3. Wow, this is a hard question! I have read several books that I read this year and I love them. Just to name a few: The Vampire Hunter's Daughter by Jennifer Malone Wright, The Night Marchers and Redemption (book 2) by Rebecca Gober and Courtney Nuckels, Under Ground and The Core by J. M. Zuniga, Divergent by Veronica Roth. I have more but I'll leave it at these. :)

  4. When searching for a new read I read the reviews first and friends also let me know about great reads.

  5. I recently read Simone Elkeles' Leaving Paradise and Return To Paradise. That was actually Contemporary YA, and it was a brilliant series!

    1. When I was younger (high school), I read a lot of contemporary adult romances. I got rather burnt out on them after awhile. I never thought I'd delve back into romance again. Then I hit the YA/NA genre and fell in love with contemporary romances all over again. :)

  6. I just finished the Shifters series by Rachel Vincent! All the books were brilliant!

  7. A lot of new books for me to keep an eye out for. The only ones I've tried are Divergent and the first Shifter book by Rachel Vincent. I have the Simone Elkeles books on my shelf. :) I'll have to pull those out and give them a try.

    My most recent YA book was What I Didn't Say by Keary Taylor. EXCELLENT! :)

  8. My most recent is What I Didn't Say and Beautiful Disaster.

  9. How was Beautiful Disaster? It's the one with the butterfly in the jar, right? I have it on my reading list.

  10. I have What I Didn't say waiting on my Kindle to be read!! Beautiful Disaster was an awesome read!! Definitely a book that you won't only read once!!

  11. One of the books I like very much are: Hush,Hush, Fallen, Vamp. academy, I am number four series :)

  12. My most recent one is Soul Bound. I still have to finish it.

  13. Brightly Woven by Alexandra Bracken :)

  14. The Golden Lily by Richelle Mead. It was an amazing book:)

  15. Most recent read wold be The List by Siobhan Vivian

    - Maneesha Haroon

  16. gossip girl! Im addicted to those books!

  17. Thanks so much for entering everyone!! And congratulations to the winner!!


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