Friday, October 12, 2012

REVIEW & GIVEAWAY: Gossamer by Renita Pizzitola

Shouldn't all faerytales end with happily-ever-after?

Kyla Ashbury is nearing her eighteenth birthday when a mysterious boy appears at school. Her instant attraction to him inexplicably awakens something inside her and she discovers her true identity.

Now, armed with the knowledge of her past, she is forced to leave behind the life she has always known for a new one filled with temptation, faery charm and magic, and a future she wasn't prepared for.

Kyla is left with a difficult decision…but no matter which path she chooses, someone will get hurt.

My Thoughts:

Seventeen year old Kyla is a pretty average teenager. She comes from an incredibly stable and loving home, does well at school and has a nice group of friends. Then she lays eyes on the new boy at school Grant and her attraction to him is undeniable. He evokes such strong feelings in her and she's most definitely never felt anything like it before. But Kyla is approaching her eighteenth birthday and she is about to learn that things in her world are not as they seem and her existence as she knows it is about to change. Also, Grant is much more than just the gorgeous new boy at school.

Kyla is blown away by the things that she learns and at first really doesn't believe what she's hearing but after her parents confirm that what Grant is saying is true she has no choice but to accept it. And so she sets out with Grant and his friend Conor on a journey that will be filled with adventure, self discovery, magic, family, temptation, love and desire.

Gossamer was a really strong start to the series and I read it in almost one sitting. I really enjoyed the characters and the Fae world that Renita Pizzitola has created. The attraction and heat between Kyla and Grant was sizzling at times but of course things don't run smoothly. Grant has a job to do and tends to hold back his feelings and Kyla would second guess his actions and the things that he said, so instead of talking they would skirt around things and avoid talking about what they were both feeling which lead to some pretty tense times between them. Talk about sending each other mixed signals!! I really loved the secondary characters as well and am looking forward to learning more of their story in the next book. And I think things are about to get a whole lot more intense going by the ending that we have in this one. And I for one can't wait to read it!!

4/5 Stars!!

Favourite Quote: If I were to pass out right here in the back of the car, I wonder what he would think? I was pretty sure I might hyperventilate. He had no idea what hearing things like that come out of his mouth did to me, and then the wink. Forget it, I was gone.

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