Thursday, October 4, 2012

BOOK REVIEW: Holding On and Letting Go by Scarlett E. Decker

She wants to forget... He wants to remember...

She spends her nights drinking and partying, trying to forget who she is.
He spent 4 months in a coma and does not remember the last 2 years.
She wants to erase her past and start over
He would do anything to remember his...

The struggle of two young people, trying to move forward when everything is holding them back. As they learn to understand each other, they also find something they didn't know they needed to let go of their past : love.

A story about letting go of the things that hurt you and holding on to everything else.

My Thoughts:
I first came across Holding On and Letting Go when the author sent me a link to read a teaser from the beginning of the book before it was actually published. I really liked the whole premise of the story. It had that boy saves girl and she saves him back feel to it. And once I read the teaser I liked the little bit of dark that was associated with the female lead Skye. So I was definitely eager to read more.

Skye drinks to forget things that have occurred in her past and Noah would do anything to remember his. Skye was quite a dark character in the fact that she had so much dislike for people and really struggled with letting people get close to her and I have to say that there were times when I had to question what Noah actually saw in her. Because she constantly pushed him away. But by the end of the book I really liked the sense of family that had been reached by not just the main characters but some of the supporting ones as well.

This story is told firstly from Skye's point of view and then it switches and we get Noah's perspective during the same period of time. And while Noah traces back over parts of his story that don't contain Skye, during the parts that did I felt like I was just rereading the same story. We then switch to part three which is told in alternating chapters from both characters points of view. And I think the story may have worked better if it was done that way from the start.

This story contained a lot of grammatical errors. Missing letters from words or missing words and I think that impacted on how well the story flowed. I still maintain that I enjoyed the premise of the story after reading the whole book and I think that if it had an editor go through and iron out some of the errors it would make it a much more well rounded and enjoyable read and I would love to get my hands on that for a reread.

3/5 Stars!

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