Monday, October 29, 2012

GUEST REVIEW: Vexyna's Awakening by Alphya Cing

Angered earth, provoked by the power of the Red Empress, evicts Vexyna from her home and forces her to confront the truth about her family line.

Along the way Vexyna learns of a woman who drains men of their vital essences and discovers that her own eyes have the power to...

The ancient noble houses of Antasta, pawns of the Scorpion-Dragon and Tiger-Dragon gods, continue their own manipulations. 

The Red Empress marks Vexyna for death, but can even the mighty Empress survive Vexyna’s Awakening?

Vexyna is a girl who has been told since she was little that her eyes are too sensitive to the sun and that she must wear dark glasses all the time.  Her town is attacked by evil – all the buildings and walls fall and a purple fog has been put over all the people.  Vexyna goes on a journey trying to find out what happened, who caused it and how to fix things.  Along the way she meets some interesting people and creatures (such as a talking cat, a thief and a “girl” generated by a crystal).  She learns about the evil Red Empress, Din, and her role in the awful things that have happened.  She also learns the real reason she was told to wear the glasses and what really happens when she removes them.

I enjoyed this book and it was quite funny at times.  It was easy to read and a very creative story.  The ending was a real cliffhanger and leaves you wanting to read more on this story.  The only thing that was missing was a little romance- Vexyna seems to love one of the characters, Trulo, and he feels the same about her but really not much is touched on that part of the story at all.  This book is worth reading.

4/5 Stars!!

Reviewed by 
Virginia Tesi Carey for YA Book Addict

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  1. Thank you, Virginia, for this wonderful review. I'll be adding more romance in the next book in the series, "Cateran's Calling".

  2. Great review! I've read this book too and loved it :)

  3. Hi- you are welcome!! Virginia


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