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REVIEW: Breathe Me by Alexia Purdy

Sometimes the one who broke your heart is the one who needs saving the most.

Piper Sandervale never thought she’d ever see Sasha Koval again, not since he'd taken her heart, ripped it out and obliterated it. Now six years have passed, and she has run into him once more at the local fairgrounds in Las Vegas. He desperately wants another chance, and he’s willing to do anything to get her back. She’s not willing to give him anything but a taste of his own medicine, and this may be her chance for payback. But is she only getting in way over her head? 

Even as she plots her revenge, Piper discovers that something has changed with Sasha, and she finds herself struggling to justify holding on to past hurts as he continues his quest for atonement.

Who needs saving now?

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My Thoughts:

Sometimes the loneliness we create inside ourselves becomes our own self-imposed prison that we alone must break out of.

Having read book one in Alexia Purdys Dark Faerie Tales series, I knew that she was great at writing a good paranormal read. But contemporary romance? Well, I was really interested to check out Breathe Me and see if I would have the same connection to the story and its characters.

Breathe Me is the story of Piper Sandervale and Sasha Koval. They were in love once. At least that's what Piper thought. Until Sasha broke her heart and left her shattered. The only way that she knew to cope with the pain was to build up walls. Strong walls around her heart that would protect her from feeling such sorrow and heartache again.

Out of the blue Sasha enters her life again. And he's on a mission. A mission to win back Sasha and reclaim her heart. Piper's head and heart are in a whirl. So she comes up with a plan to hurt Sasha and let him feel the pain that he caused her all those years ago. But what Piper doesn't count on is her feelings for Sasha, the love that they had and the love that Sasha still feels for her. Can she forgive him and let him take hold of her heart again? It's a hard thing letting go of past hurts and humiliations!!

Breathe Me is at times told in the voices of both Sasha and Piper and at the start of the book we also get glimpses back into the past. Back to their college days when their relationship was good and then the heartache of it ending. I was really glad for this because then I got to learn early on just why Sasha ended things the way that he did. Where his reasons justified? Did he handle things the right way? I understand his reasons but I'm not so sure about the way he went about it. But this gave me the opportunity to really connect with him throughout the whole book and really be on board in his attempts to win Piper back.

My life was a messed up choose-your-own-adventure which was chopped into so many screwed up scenes.

Piper is a strong character who has dealt with a lot of heartache in her life. When you've experienced that level of pain it's only natural to not want to feel it again. I liked her. I liked that when she opened her heart she loved so completely. I liked that it took her time to allow that to happen. And I liked that she didn't allow her anger and hurt to get the better of her.

Just like that, I'd handed him my heart, and he'd taken it, slipped it into the back pocket off his snug jeans-which showed of his rear end in a most indulging way-without a second's thought.

Sasha was a good man. Loveable and caring. He was able to admit his faults and mistakes easily and I love a man who is able to do that. He was Pipers strength when she needed it. 

Being a new adult book there were moments of heat, but it was done in a way that it was not as wordy in its descriptions as most new adult reads, but still allowed you to feel the connection between the characters.

Oh, and that wonderful epilogue!! It was just a perfect wrap up to a great story!!

So did I love Alexia Purdys foray into the contemporary world? I sure did!! Breathe Me was a quick, captivating read and I can't wait to read Alexia's next contemporary dabble.

4/5 Stars!!

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