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Charade by Cambria Hebert Read Along - Week Two!!

Week two of the Charade read along is hosted by Love of Books

Cambria Hebert

                              Questions for Week Two  Chapters 7-13

1. Heven’s mom has a new boyfriend that Heven doesn’t really like. Have you ever disliked a boyfriend/girlfriend of family member’s significant other? Did you tell them or just try to get along?

Unfortunately my brother's ex wife. She would be sickly sweet to our face but then we would hear her say nasty things to my brother about us monopolising his time, despite the fact that the most we saw him was once a year because he lives in New Zealand. She was just a very insecure person.

2. Kimber is acting weird… weirder than usual. Any predictions? Have you ever known anyone like Kimber?

This can also relate to the question above. I think Kimber is very insecure and so she lashes out at the people that she cares about and who care about her. But she's gone to such great lengths in her actions that she is going to end up with nobody. 

3. Heven is getting a new “supernatural” power. If you could have one which would you choose?

I think that I would love to have the ability to move from place to place in the blink of an eye. At the moment my husband is working some distance away from home, so we only get to see him one day a week, so to be able to pop in and pay him a visit would be awesome!!

4. In this set of chapters we find out something about Cole. Were you surprised?

There was definitely a connection between the two of them but when it was finally revealed it was definitely a shock. But I love their dynamic together now!!

5. Heven has someone invading her dreams. What is the scariest or wackiest dream you have ever had?

I used to have the same dream over and over. I was a child back in my first year of school and I used to go to school in just my underwear and I would always have left my school bag at home and the other kids would laugh at me, but not because I was only half dressed but because I had left my bag at home!! :) I would seriously love to know what it meant!!

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  1. Kimber is very insecure and selfish. She is pushing away the few that can put up with her which is a big mistake. I would love to be able to blink in places and blink out. Would save on gas and would be great to be able to visit friends and family. I was surprised about Cole but do like their friendship. I've had a ton of school dreams! Not so much the naked ones but the ones where I show up unprepared for a test or don't have a paper that is due.


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