Tuesday, November 6, 2012

BLOG TOUR - REVIEW: Flash by Barbara Morgenroth

Shed been pretending to be 18 for so long, it felt like the truth.
When the only way for 15 year old Kip Chanin to earn a living is as paparazzi, she cant say no.
Kips first photo is of Alex Milne, the handsome and volatile young actor. That one photo changes both their lives.
Lesson One--You do what you have to in Hollywood to survive.
Flash. Youve been pap snapped.

My Thoughts:
Flash by Barbara Morgenroth is a book that hooked my from page one and didn't let me go until I had finished the very last page. And even then, it played on my mind for so long after I finished reading it!!!

Kip Chanin dreams of being a news photographer. Graced with talent and artistic intuition when it comes to her craft, but to support herself and her mother she puts those dreams aside and reluctantly joins the ranks of the paparazzi. She takes a photo of actor Alex Milne and from taking one single image both of their lives will be changed.

Kip is such a strong female lead. She's pretty much had to grow up incredibly quickly to be able to get by, but she has this underlying layer of vulnerability. Having been independent for so long it was nice to see the relationships that she formed and see her allow someone to get close enough to offer her some support. As for the relationship that she has with Alex... It was very much a will they or won't they, are they or aren't they scenario for a lot of the book, but there is no doubt the impact that they each had on the other!! There is definitely an intensity to their feelings for each other.

The author had this ability to end a chapter leaving me with so much anticipation as to what was going to happen next that there was no way that I could stop reading. I don't know how many times I said to myself "Just one more chapter" and before I knew it, I had completely finished the book.

I'm not usually a fan of huge cliffhangers, and let me tell you that the end of this book was a doozy that completely blew me away. It was definitely an "OH. MY. GOD. ending!!! But thank heavens that the sequel is out and ready for me to purchase and read.

Never having read anything by Barb Morgenroth before, Flash turned out to be a real gem of a book and I'm so glad that I had the opportunity to read it. A fantastic book full of gritty and real characters!!

4.5/5 Stars!!

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