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REVIEW: Fight For Her (For Her #1) by Harper James

Chloe has spent her entire life trying to blend in, but that’s what happens when your father is a popular newscaster and you are the shy, studious girl in the front of the class. These days she is trying to stay invisible for an entirely different reason. Her father has become a popular newscaster who has the potential to ruin both of their lives. After the loss of her mother, her father began a dangerous downward spiral, and Chloe became the adult in the Delaney household. Her life is now a cycle of school, making sure her father makes it to work on time, trying to do everything in her power to make the best grades she can, and attaining a scholarship far, far away from her current misery. 

A chance run in, literally, with the two most popular boys at school has Chloe fighting two very different kinds of attraction. Where one burns hot and instantaneous, the other simmers to a slow boil that she can barely contain. Chloe must decide between these two former friends turned enemies as her life is thrust into the spotlight by gossip and betrayal. Chloe must find a way to deal with her new-found popularity and scrutiny as she struggles to make her choice.

My Thoughts:

"How the hell am I supposed to choose between the two greatest guys I have ever known, who, though they both have flaws, still make me feel incredible when we're together?"

One of the things that I'm not a huge fan of is love triangles. Every now and then one will come along that I find myself tolerating, but as a general rule, I'd rather not have to encounter them. The synopsis of Fight For Her makes it pretty clear that there is going to be a doozy of a love triangle. So to say that I was anxious going in would be a huge understatement. I wanted to love this book, but was completely one hundred percent convinced that I wouldn't. 

Chloe Delaney has spent her life trying to blend in and not draw attention to herself. She is shy and quite, and since the death of her mother, and her newsreader father getting lost in his grief with alcohol, Chloe has had to grow up pretty quickly. When the two most popular boys in school suddenly show an interest in her, she can't help but be attracted to them both. But a choice has to be made. Chloe must decide between the two and hope that in the process, they can all come out unscathed. 

"Nate makes me laugh, and I get to be someone I've never been before with him. I'm brave and sarcastic and fun. He listens to me."

Told from the point of view of all three of the main characters, this allowed us to get a great feel for where everyone's heads were at and understand completely why Chloe was so torn in her decisions. And completely torn she was. She was really genuine in her feelings, and that was one of the things that I liked most about her. She was especially strong when it come to her home life and dealing with everything with her Dad.

"Scott is so sweet."

"I feel safe with him. I feel as if I have something I've been missing since Mom died with him. I feel as if he would never hurt me. He'll always be a protector."

What made this love triangle different was that all parties involved knew what was going on. That's not to say that they were happy with they way things progressed, but Chloe was completely up front about her feelings. That allowed me to put aside my dislike and just go with the story. I truly loved both Scott and Nate. They were both loving, caring, protective and sweet. But I did have my favourite that I was rooting for. The one that I felt had the greater connection to Chloe and understood her better. And even though my guy didn't come out on top, I couldn't be terribly disappointed in the outcome.

Sometimes support characters can tend to blend into the background a bit and not have a huge impact on a story. But there was one in particular that really stood out for me and that was Scott's sister, Olivia. She was so supportive. Not just of Chloe either. She really had her head screwed on.

I was really impressed by the authors ease of writing. This was such a breeze to read. The story moved at a really nice pace. Her characters were likeable and I was invested in the outcome of the story. So, thanks to the way that Harper James handled the romances, what I thought I would dislike, turned out to be a really great read.

4/5 Nate and Scott Stars

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