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REVIEW: The Soul's Mark: FOUND (The Soul's Mark #1) by Ashley Stoyanoff

Anxious to leave her destructive past behind, Amelia Caldwell moves to Willowberg, excited for a fresh start. Once there, she discovers that her birthmark is more than it seems. She has been marked by a vampire’s soul. Not only does she hold his soul, but Amelia is also his soulmate.

After almost a century of searching for his soulmate, Mitchell Lang fears the worst—he is going to lose Amelia to another man. His heart takes over, and his impulsive decision to take away her free will and to intensify their bond quickly turns her growing love into hate.

When they become trapped in the emotional rollercoaster of their souls' bond, open conflict erupts. Amelia has no intentions of belonging to anyone, not even her soulmate, and Mitchell refuses to let her go.

While she frantically searches for a way to escape his grasp, Amelia unlocks the painful memories of her past and uncovers a powerful secret. But before she has a chance to explore her newfound edge, she finds herself caught in the middle of a deadly game of revenge and is forced to realize that YOU CANNOT RUN FROM DESTINY.

My Thoughts:

"From this point on you are no longer the master of your destiny. It is imperative for you to forget the notion that you have the power to control your own fate. Your path has been chosen for you and whether you like it or not always remember you canNOT run from destiny."

The Souls Mark: FOUND is the first book in The Souls Mark series. As with most first books in a series you have the getting to know the characters faze. And while that is true with this book, it is also packed with action, romance, suspense and back story.

This is the story of Amelia Caldwell, who moves to Willowberg after winning a scholarship. Instead of living on campus she will be living in the home of the town's very wealthy and influential Mr Lang. At first Amelia is completely overwhelmed in her new surroundings. Not just by the palatial home, or the complete acceptance and warmth from the others who also live there, but by the stir she creates at school. She is like everyones shiny new toy and having never been a part of the popular crowd before she is slightly taken aback!!

But Amelia soon learns that her friends are not all they seem, her soul has been marked by Mitchell Lang, a very powerful vampire, contrary to what she has always believed, soulmates really do exist and she will learn things about herself that will she never imagined in her wildest dreams!!

You definitely couldn't say that this was a boring read!! There always seemed to be something happening to hold my attention and the vampire story, although having been told countless times before was new and original. 

Amelia is incredibly strong willed and likeable. She has been through and witnessed first hand a lot of trauma in her life. But I have to admit there were times that I was frustrated with her quick temper.  Her Vampire soulmate Mitch Lang was a character that I had a real love/hate relationship with. He could be so loving and sweet and in the blink of an eye be incredibly violent to the ones he claimed to love. Yes, it had a lot to do with their souls bond, but these two are volatile together!!! Amelia is fuelled by independence and Mitch is fuelled by jealousy. But they also love each other with intensity and passion. For me, my favourite character was Eric. I loved his fun side and sense of humour. I loved that he marched to his own drum. I loved his green hair. I loved his concern for Amelia.  I just loved him!!!

All in all The Souls Mark: FOUND was a great read!! I read it in one day simply because I was excited to see what would happen next. Original and well written. I can't wait to start book two!!

4/5 Stars!!

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