Monday, January 14, 2013

BLOG TOUR - EXCERPT: The Homeschoolers by Henry Circle

"Life is too big to squeeze into a weekend." That's what "half-heathen" public school misfit, Christina Begoni, learns after a bout of Spanish class diarrhea has her escaping into the arms of a holy-rolling homeschool group. With her mustachioed, evil genius brother and cute redneck bully in tow, Christina joins innocent homeschoolers, Sunny and David on a hilarious and often gripping adventure on the Mississippi River. Experience the thrill and romance of the never-ending weekend with The Homeschoolers.

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Duncan looks around suspiciously. “I’m going to sneak off for a second, and…” he makes the motion of inhaling a cigarette. “Can I count on you guys for look out?”
“I gotcha, bud,” David answers, stepping behind my swing. I can feel warmth radiating from his body. And his body heat must be working like an oil burner because he is letting off a delicious odor. It isn’t a cologne smell but closer to the scent of warm tea with honey. My posture is awful. I look like I’m in need of a calcium supplement so I consciously sit up straight. No sense denying it to myself. I’m trying to look pretty to David, the tall and sinewy. A soft breeze tosses my hair about, aiding me in my effort to appear beautiful. Thank you, Wind. I violently suck my skinny lips in an attempt to plump them a little. I hope David catches a glimpse of me while I’ve got this total effect going. I don’t know how I feel about him yet or what I want with him. But there is no question that I want him to like me.

Author Bio: 
Henry Circle is a Mississippi native, a freelance writer, and a sometime hermit. She attended homeschool for one glorious year.

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