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REVIEW: Drawn: His Secret Toy (Good Girls with Secrets, #1) by Marian Tee

Senior student Katerina “KC” Chariot is a good girl with a secret. She’s so nice she has an impossible time swearing unless she’s using pretty British cuss words. She also likes to fantasize about hot guys in her school. But it’s for work. Really. Katerina is an aspiring mangaka, and she needs “inspiration” for drawing smutty scenes.

Unfortunately, one particular fantasy about the Japanese-Russian transfer student Yuki Himura gets the better of her. She ends up unconsciously moaning his name – in Yuki’s presence, too. In a twist of fate, Katerina finds herself agreeing to become Yuki’s secret toy, which sounds a lot worse than it actually is- especially in the eyes of her Theology-professor dad.

The whole school thinks of Yuki as the ideal guy – gorgeous, smart, and sweet. But with Katerina, he’s the Devil sent to torment her, seduce her, and – worst of all – he’s making her fall in love with him even though he's said it’s the one thing she should never ever do.

My Thoughts:
I have to start off by saying that I'm having some trouble with how to categorise this book. It's classed as YA. The characters are in high school. But it's way hotter than anything that I've ever read that is YA before. But it's not as wordy or descriptive as New Adult, so I suppose if I had to slot it in somewhere I would put it in a class all of it's own in the middle of Young Adult and New Adult. But putting labels aside...

I like to Fantasize about hot guys. But sometimes the guilt gets to me so that I tell myself it's a necessity. I love to draw. I'm fairly good at it, yet when it comes to scenes where my characters feel a desperate urge to bang each other my fingers refuse to move until I'm properly turned on.

That's the first paragraph in the book. If the book description didn't clue me in then after reading just those four sentences I knew that Drawn was going to be something completely different!!!

Katerina Chariot is a good girl. She is sweet and innocent. So much so that she can't even bring herself to swear unless she's using british swear words. At least that's what everyone thinks. But Katerina has a secret. She fantasises about hot boys at her school. The boy that features in her latest fantasies is her classmate  Yuki Himura. But he's about to be made aware of her secret fantasies when she moans his name in class one day. And so Yuki has a proposition for her... Become his toy!! But he has one rule. She must not fall in love with him!!

Drawn is told from Kat's point of view. She is a mangaka and she takes inspiration for her drawings from her fantasies. Fantasising comes so easy to her and even more so when she is living out these fantasies with Yuki. She is a real contradiction. She is such a strong character but she is also vulnerable and worries what others think of her. But she can be tough when she needs to be. 

I loved Yuki!! He is confident, self assured and deliciously wicked. He is a master of seduction!! He knows what he wants from Kat as his toy and has no problem in telling her. He also knows just the right thing to say and the right way to touch and tease. But he also has a strong jealous streak. And he's been carrying around some pretty heavy baggage which has seen him put up walls so that people don't get too close. There is also another side to Yuki. He is sweet and thoughtful and caring. But don't tell him he's any of those things because he won't be impressed. And did I mention that I loved him!!!

Drawn also had a whole lot of really funny moments and I found myself having a good laugh on more than one occasion. Add into that all the Manga references, and to be honest I hadn't delved into Manga at all besides knowing the very basics, but after reading Drawn it will be something that I definitely have a closer look at. The Manga also added it's own distinct uniqueness to the story. 

Marian Tee has without a doubt created a book that I can see myself reading on more than one occasion. An original storyline, fantastic characters and wonderful writing which all pulled together into this book that I absolutely loved!!! And there's going to be a sequel!!! Happy dance!!! I will definitely be picking up the other books written by this author!!

5/5 Huge, Hot, Original Stars!!!

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