Thursday, January 24, 2013

GUEST REVIEW: The Witchlings - Midnight curse (The Witchlings #1) by Amanda Turner

Roxanne didn't know what to expect when she started her new school. However, what she didn't expect was a new boyfriend. Luke was gorgeous but came with baggage, otherwise known as the Elites. Why did they worry her so much ? She was soon to discover that the Elites were a secret coven of witches. Roxanne is thrown into a world full of mystery, spells and best of all love. But love comes at a price. Can Roxanne overcome the Elites, a curse and worst of all the witch finders to find true happiness.

I found this book to be enjoyable.  It is the story of a girl named Roxy, who has just moved into a new town with her father.  As the new kid in the high school she feels uncomfortable until she meets Amber.  They become best friends and Amber helps her adjust.  There is a small group of students called The Elites; they are beautiful and stick to themselves.  Roxy feels an immediate pull towards one of them- Luke.  He is absolutely beautiful and he seems attracted to Amber too.  The stares Roxy gets from the other Elites makes her question what they are all about.  Roxy and Luke do begin a relationship that goes VERY fast.  The other Elites are not happy about it. From their relationship Roxy learns a lot of things- what the elites are about, that she really is a witch, where her mother is (who left when she was young), the identity of the black cat that has been coming around her, about the witch hunters, and more.

This book was a fun read.  It totally reminded me of Twilight in parts.  The characters were great.  I felt bad for Roxy at times and Luke was definitely a bit of a crush for me.  I did think the relationship between Roxy and Luke went a little too fast.  They were in love with each other within a few days of starting their relationship.  The book does need some editing- not a ton but I did notice some things.  Overall, this is a good young adult book; definitely for younger people.  I am curious to see what happens in next book in the series.  If you are looking for a fun, light read, this is a good choice!

3/5 Stars

Reviewed by Virginia Tesi Carey for YA Book Addict

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