Saturday, June 30, 2012

Book of the Day: Shift by Em Bailey

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Olive Corbett is not crazy. Not anymore.

She obediently takes her meds and stays under the radar at school. After "the incident," Olive just wants to avoid any more trouble, so she knows the smartest thing is to stay clear of the new girl who is rumored to have quite the creepy past.
But there’s no avoiding Miranda Vaile. As mousy Miranda edges her way into the popular group, right up to the side of queen bee Katie – and pushes the others right out – only Olive seems to notice that something strange is going on. Something almost . . . parasitic. Either Olive is losing her grip on reality, or Miranda Vaile is stealing Katie’s life.

But who would ever believe crazy Olive, the girl who has a habit of letting her imagination run away with her? And what if Olive is the next target?

A chilling psychological thriller that tears through themes of identity, loss, and toxic friendship, Shift will leave readers guessing until the final pages.

“I am weird, and you know what? That's OK. So are most interesting people.” 


  1. Wow! I've never heard of this book before but it sounds very interesting! You've definitely got me curious about this novel and I'll have to add it to my TBR-List for sure! ;)

    Ivy Book Bindings

    1. And how awesome is the cover Keertana!!

  2. does anyone know the name of Miranda's guardian in this book, i am doing it as my book for a book review presentation for school and i conveniently left my book at school.


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