Thursday, October 17, 2013

REVIEW: Snapshot (The Jamieson Collection #2) by Angie Stanton

One kiss will change Marti's summer . . . forever.


Marti just wants a normal life. After dealing with her irresponsible rock-legend father and absentee mother, she only wants some peace . . . and fun. And that includes a summer at an exclusive arts camp.


For Adam, a normal life is not possible—not when he is the lead guitarist in a rock band with his brothers. So he's thrilled to finally have an opportunity to disguise himself and live like a normal teenager at summer camp.

And when Adam meets Marti, sparks fly. Between romantic bonfires and stolen kisses, they are inseparable.

Then Marti discovers who Adam truly is, and her world is turned upside down. Ever since her father nearly ruined her life, she vowed never to fall for a rocker. But when tragedy strikes, Marti is forced to look within. And she discovers that maybe falling in love with a rock star is not so crazy after all.

My Thoughts:

The phone screen remained blank. It didn't ding with a new message. It didn't light up. She sighed. The empty screen mirrored the feeling in her heart. Empty. Silent. Dark. Why did she always feel so alone?
The answer was simple: because she was.

I remember when I read book one in this series, Rock and a Hard Place, how I stayed up through the night to finish it. I was so in love with Angie Stanton's writing and her characters that I just couldn't put the book down. I was so keen to start Snapshot but my review schedule just didn't allow for it so when I was contacted and asked to do a review, I jumped at the chance. 

When I started reading Snapshot, I was in the zone. You know that place you go to when you're loving a book, where everything is going just as you want it to and things are looking so rosy.  Marti and AJ meet at camp. Both into photography, they seem to click right away. They have fun together, and when AJ kisses her everything seems perfect. But then Marti finds out that AJ is actually Adam from The Jamieson Brothers and she goes completely cold on him. She wouldn't even give him a chance and judge him on his own merits. Because her dad was a rocker, she judged Adam on her dad's actions rather than his own. Admittedly, her dad was a crappy dad and was the poster child for sex, drugs and rock & roll, but Adam had done nothing to warrant her attitude towards him. So for a little while there I wasn't feeling Marti at all. In fact I was wishing for Adam to put his charms to use somewhere else. But Adam is persistent and Marti eventually comes to her senses and see's Adam for the absolute sweetheart that he is and things are perfect between the two of them. But doesn't life have a way of stepping in and putting a big, fat stop to all that happiness!! These two are thrown some huge things to deal with and living so far away from each other, the comfort that they get from each other is harder to come by.

Marti's Mum is a train wreck. Addicted to drugs and with no motherly instincts whatsoever. She has been absent from Marti's life for such a long time, but makes an appearance to throw more crap on marti's young shoulders. Her Dad is really no better. He lives and breathes the rock star lifestyle. Constant insane and crazy parties, alcohol, drugs, woman... but at least with him there was always the feeling that he loved her immensely. Unfortunately just not enough to clean up his act.

Marti was fast becoming his drug of choice. Everything about her made his body tingle. She was beautiful, sassy, strong, and her kisses transported him to a place he never wanted to leave.

As I said earlier, for a little while there I had a hard time with Marti, but once she got over her prejudices I really liked her. She's a pretty strong young woman when she needs to be and for a good portion of the book she had to be much older than her years. I loved Adam!! I really felt sorry for him at times with his lack of the ability to be a normal teenager. Being famous is not all it's cracked up to be!! Sometimes he made silly choices but his feelings for Marti were incredibly strong and he never wavered from what he knew he wanted.

Snapshot is another fantastic read from Angie Stanton. I've read quite a few books by her now and loved them all. I'm not sure if the third Jamieson brother Garrett is going to get his own book, but he is my least favourite of the brothers so I would love to see how Angie Stanton could possibly make me fall in love with him. Anyway if you love a good YA romance with a whole dose of angst thrown in, then Snapshot could be just the book you're looking for.

4.5/5 Sweet Adam Stars.

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