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REVIEW: Avra's God by Ann Lee Miller

In the tradition of The Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants, four friends navigate college and the drama churned up by their Florida beach band to cement friendship and more.

Avra wants love, but drummer Cisco—self-medicating from his parents’ divorce with sex and intoxicants—is a poor choice. Cisco hungers for fresh-baked cookies and the scent of family he finds at Avra’s.

Kallie shares her classically trained singing voice only with lead vocalist Jesse and fights to keep her heart safe. Jesse feeds on fame and hides more than insecurity beneath his guitar.

The friends surf ego, betrayal, and ambition and head for wipe-out. But somehow, when they’re not looking, Avra’s God changes them all.

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My Thoughts:

"You're my best friend," Cisco said. "I mean that. Everybody in my life has issues. You're my sanity. I like the whole package-your smarts, your family. You listen to me. I like the electric blue in your eyes, the way you fit in my arms, your lips-" He coughed, "Uh, let's just say I really like the package"

Avra's God weaves together the story of Avra, Cisco, Kallie and Jessie. Four college age friends trying to find their place in the world. Dealing with love, faith, temptations and jealousy among other things. Each of them are dealing with their own separate issues and while the book is titled Avra's God, for me the character that I felt stood out the most was Cisco. He had so much growth throughout the book that I just found myself drawn to him the most. But ultimately it is the paths that they all take in their journey and discovery of Avra's God. 

Avra is a strong character. She is very level headed but she also seeks the guidance of God in the decisions that she makes. She is attracted to bad boy Cisco who does not share the same beliefs as she does. Cisco dabbles in drugs and sex, but when he looks at Avra and her family he sees something that he wants to be a part of. Avra makes him want to be a better man. And when he kisses her, the lines between want she feels in the moment and her beliefs make her question Cisco. But Avra's belief is almost unwavering, even in her lowest moments. And I suppose it's in those times that you really need to hold onto that belief the most.

Jessie is the son of a preacher. He loves being in a band and the attention that he gets from girls. Despite his attraction to Kallie, he doesn't want to give up the adoration of the girls and settle down. Kallie has her own set of issues to deal with. She sees how Jessie is always surrounded by girls and she is afraid of being hurt by him. 

Kallie wasn't a piece of fluff you blew off when you tired of her. She wound her tentacles around your soul.

What I loved most about Avra's God was that the characters were all so relatable. They could have easily been me or you. We could have very easily been dealing with any of the same issues that they were each dealing with. Although at times I did feel that besides Cisco, the other characters appeared younger that what they actually were.

Not really being one to read books that are overly religious, I have to say that I was a bit apprehensive about the connection that I would feel while I was reading it. The presence of God and the characters faith are very prominent throughout, but I can't say that I ever thought it was too much. It was just a part of the story as any other aspect of the book would be.

Ann Lee miller's writing is very easy to read. I admit to being slightly confused at the start of the book but once I got a few chapters in everything fell into place and the story flowed incredibly smoothly and before I knew it I had finished.

All in all, Avra's God was a really enjoyable read!! I will definitely be checking out other books by Ann Lee Miller.

4.5/5 Stars!!

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