Tuesday, August 5, 2014

REVIEW: The Warrior (Dante Walker #3) by Victoria Scott

War between heaven and hell is coming, but Dante Walker makes it look damn good.

Dante’s girlfriend, Charlie, is fated to save the world. And Aspen, the girl who feels like a sister, is an ordained soldier. In order to help both fulfill their destiny and win the war, Dante must complete liberator training at the Hive, rescue Aspen from hell, and uncover a message hidden on an ancient scroll.

Dante is built for battle, but even he can’t handle the nightmares where spiders crawl from Aspen’s eyes, or the look on Charlie’s face that foretells of devastation. To make matters worse, the enemy seizes every opportunity to break inside the Hive and cripple the liberators. But the day of reckoning is fast approaching, and to stand victorious, Dante will have to embrace something inside himself he never has before—faith.

My Thoughts:

Two hearts that beat as one will make a great sacrifice.

So here I sit, a little bit teary, having just finished the final book in the Dante Walker series and I'm feeling all kinds of emotions. My love for this series cannot adequately be put into words. I fell in love from the very first page of The Collector and that love has just continued to grow with each book. 

This series could easily be subtitled The Evolution of Dante Walker. He has grown so much throughout the three books. And even though he's changed, he has always maintained all those traits that I fell in love with in the beginning. He is still incredibly cocky and self assured. He still speaks his mind. He is still passionate. He still maintains his awesomeness. But add to all of that, his new found desires to care and trust. His absolute love of those he cares about and the lengths he will go to, to protect them.

Victoria Scott took the action to the max in The Warrior. There was always something going on. Some evil and dark force lurking, waiting to step in and derail things. Twists and turns abound and kept me reading late into the night just to see what would happen next. While I desperately wanted to see what was in store, I was also reluctant to rush through it. I really wanted to prolong the time that I had left with these characters that I had come to love.

Charlie Freakin' Cooper!!! My crush on her is endless. She rarely seems to be fazed by things. She takes everything in her stride. She is tough and strong. When the need arises she steps up to the plate without question. She never once puts herself before others and her love and concern reaches and touches everyone.

I love her neck. I'm so unbelievably smitten that I can't stop worshipping her neck.
What is wrong with me?
I'm a champ.
I'm the ultimate playboy.
And yet...her neck.

I've always said that one of the things that I love about Dante is the passion with which he loves Charlie. That love has never wavered. Through everything, that has been his constant. One of the things that I love most about him and Charlie is that they are so comfortable and confident in their love. It is what it is. Strong, pure, forever. 

I can't take it any longer. I reach out and snatch her and make her mine. She's my moon, and I've plucked her from the sky.

Dante goes through a whole lot of guilt and self doubt throughout this book. He blames himself for certain events that have led to this point. And as things unfold and escalate, he continues to question things. He still struggles with trusting others for a lot of this book and so he seemed to be pulling himself in all different directions, trying to be something for everyone. Trying to figure out the ways in which he can save what needed to be saved and protect who needs to be protected. 

This is one of those series that I find myself always recommending to people. If the excitement that I feel over this series can sway just one person to read it, then my job is done. Dante Walker, you have my heart. Victoria Scott, you have me as a fan for life!! Pow!!

I've got the confidence of a tornado. And my name, as it so happens, is Dante Fucking Walker.

5/5 Truly Amazing and Awesome Stars


  1. Awesome review! I still need to read this one myself! Totally love the first two books as well and am eager, yet sad to read the last one, for it is the last one. Must make its way up in my TBR mountain soon! Again, great review!

    1. You must get to reading Jessica!! It was so good. A wonderful end to the series even though I was so sad that it was the final book!!
      Thank you so much for stopping by and commenting. xx

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