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BLOG TOUR - REVIEW & GIVEAWAY: Ink My Heart (Luminescent Juliet #2) by Jean Haus

Title: Ink My Heart (Luminescent Juliet, #2)
Author: Jean Haus
Release date: November 12, 2013
Publisher: Skyscape
Age Group: New Adult
Genre: Contemporary Romance
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Even if he weren’t the lead singer of the popular college band, Luminescent Juliet, Justin Noel would have his pick of women. And he does pick. Nightly. Tattooed, blonde, and green eyed, he flashes his dimples and females swoon.

Except for one.

Tattoo artist, Allie Landon, rarely dates, and especially not men like Justin. Though he’s hot enough to melt off permanent ink, she’s done with the bad boy type. But when the ex who broke her heart wants to reunite, desperation has Allie introducing her latest client as her boyfriend. Justin’s more than happy to play the part. He’s completely intrigued by the sexy artist and college student.

However, Allie’s life isn’t what it seems. There’s little room in it or her shattered and confused heart for Justin. But as Justin remains persistent, ignoring the growing attraction—both physical and emotionally—between them becomes more difficult than tattoo removal.

*New Adult. Recommended for mature readers due to language, drug references, and sexual situations


My Thoughts:

"Sometimes I'm not sure who I am." He kisses me so softly I lean forward, hoping for another touch of his lips. "Except when I'm with you , pretty Allie."

If you've ever followed my reviews you would know that I love Jean Haus. She's one author that no matter what she wrote, I would read it. In fact I'm a bit of a fangirl for her books and tend to get all gushy about her writing and her characters. But, I said to myself... try to tone down the gushing a little bit this time around. So that's what I planned to do. Yeah, but then I read the book and I may have to get just a little gushy.

Justin has a revolving door for all the girls he's been with. Being the lead singer in Luminescent Juliet allows him to have his pick of woman. One girl for tonight and a new one for tomorrow night. And that's just how he likes it. Until the night he enters the tattoo parlour Dragonfly Ink and meets tattoo artist Allie. She's going to change his world.

Books that contain music and tattooed guys are a sure fire weakness for me. I could devour them one after the other and I don't think I would ever get sick of them. Add in a 'bad boy' who falls hard and I'm pretty much in book heaven. So Ink My Heart was almost a winner before I even opened the book. It was sure ticking all the right boxes on the surface. So, my expectations were incredibly high being as how I have adored everything else I've read by Jean Haus, she really needed to nail the storyline and bring Justin into my heart. And she did it perfectly.

When I read book one in this series I can't say that I was feeling Justin too much. I was completely and utterly in love with Romeo. But I always love when an author can take that so-so feeling you have for a character and make you fall hard. And just like Justin did for Allie, I fell hard for him and his story. He has been using woman for a long time. Using them to fill a void. A huge gaping void that his parents created. He's confident and he's cocky and he's been able to charm the pants off any woman he wants. He's not looking to be any more or any better than what he is. He has woman and he has his music and the adoration of the adoring fans. 

"Love isn't fear. It's courage. Courage to trust, courage to give, courage to fight. Be fearless and fight for this girl.

Use your love to be courageous."

"There's just something about creating on skin. Having someone put your work on their wall doesn't compare to them letting you permanently mark their body. Body art doesn't stay home. It's carried around all the time. Forever."

Aliie's not looking for a relationship. Her life is full of responsibilities. But she can't get past the fact that Justin is hot and she may just be completely in lust with him. Her friends and coworkers tell her to have fun. It's been such a long time since she's done that. Allie and Justin are as opposite as two people could get in their lives when they meet. But dig a little deeper and these two have so much more in common than first glance. Both are carrying around pain. Both aren't really looking for a serious relationship. But try telling that to your heart. It wants what it wants. 

"What else about her has you so hooked?'

I don't know. She -- when we're together, there's no bullshit between us. She makes me feel real. I haven't felt real in a long time."

Told from the point of view of both Allie and Justin, so that at the end of the book, I felt like I knew them both really well. The build up of their feelings and the way they dealt with them was perfect. I loved that Justin knew fairly early on that Allie was special and once he was in, he was all in. Completely smitten and not afraid to show her and tell her. He fell quickly and he fell hard. Allie wasn't so quick to jump all the way in, but then she is the one that has so much going on in her life. And her past is about to impact on their lives.

There were a few little snippets into Sam and Gabe's lives and I want their stories so bad. Poor, poor Gabe. Please tell me that we are going to get to know them better?

So another flawless read from Jean Haus. What I love most about her contemporary books is that she creates these characters that are real. They could be somebody that you or I know. They could be dealing with issues that you're helping your best friend deal with. When you are able to relate to a character on that very basic level, then you can't help but love the story. The only real complaint that I have is that she can't possibly write fast enough to fulfil my needs for more of her books, but it sure does guarantee the maximum level of excitement each time I hear that she's releasing something new.

5/5 Sexy Inked Justin Stars.

Author Bio:
Jean Haus writes young adult and romance novels. She reads a lot too. Anything with a bit of romance has the possibility of being loaded on her Kindle. She even does a bit of cooking, which is actually quite good. She also golfs in the beautiful summers of Michigan with her awesome husband and son, but she cooks way, way better than she golfs.

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  1. "But I always love when an author can take that so-so feeling you have for a character and make you fall hard." Exactly! I love it when this happens. Thank you for reviewing and participating.


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