Saturday, May 18, 2013

RELEASE DAY PROMO: Not Even Death (Chrysalis #3) by Michel Prince

In one tragic moment Ellie Jeffreys’ perfect life ended and the devastation of losing the only man she believed she could ever love and their beautiful child, causes the hopeless resignation that life shall never again be worth living.

Bound by a decree from On High, the demons who tormented Ellie for years have had to leave the Jeffreys alone, but they grow restless, sensing Ellie's despair and vulnerability. They lust for her. And they’re extremely resourceful.

Dr. Luke Page’s inability to save Ellie’s husband and son has him hoping to recover her crumbling mind and show her love does still exist in the world. Dr. Page feels immense pressure to be her security blanket in the concrete world, but thoroughly healing her presents a challenge that raises questions about his ability as both a physician and a human being.

Ellie’s depression now leaves her susceptible to the vengeful demons. In the past the sheer strength of Oscar's love and devotion fortified a barrier around Ellie, shielding her from the effects of the world's iniquities. Will Luke’s love be enough to rise to the challenge of protecting her? Or will Oscar’s become like a phoenix letting not even mortality stand its way?

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Unedited Excerpt from Not Even Death book 3 of the Chrysalis Series.
As the water flowed over me I found myself remembering how Oscar fixed this shower. It was barely shooting out any water, the pressure was ridiculous. He kept working in the basement trying to get it to increase. I was trying to study for my PALS, pediatric advanced life support, exam and I swore every time I had gotten comfortable I’d hear “Ellie can you turn on the water.” Coming through the vents in the house. I must have gotten up ten times. On the eleventh time I marched downstairs to confront him.
July 2016
“Okay, that’s it, I’ve had it.” My arms flailed in frustration.
He looked up at me innocently, “What?”
“You have called me no fewer than ten times to check the water pressure. Do you know what you are doing here?”
“No, obviously,” he said sweetly. “But I’m getting better aren’t I? Just check it one more time for me and I’ll leave you alone for the rest of the day. Or at least five minutes.”
I stormed off up to the bathroom as I turned on the water. The pressure now was so high the showerhead flew off and cracked the bathtub. It wasn’t enough to warrant getting a new tub, but it did take a good chunk of porcelain out. My toe rubbed it now and I remembered how I screamed, scared of the ricochet and Oscar ran up two flights of stairs in record time to find me cowering on the floor curled up in a ball.
He laughed as he crossed the room to turn off the rushing water.
“See I got better.”
I looked up at him, “Really, if nearly killing me means your aim is getting better.”
He sat on the floor examining the showerhead that landed a few inches away from me.
“This is going to cost me isn’t it?”
“Oh full body cost you.”

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