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BLOG TOUR - REVIEW & GIVEAWAY: Bad Boy Rock Star by Candy J. Starr

Bad Boy Rock Star by Candy J. Starr
Publication date:
November 18th 2013
Genres: New Adult, Romance

Hannah Sorrento never planned to be a band manager. She’s a princess. The toughest obstacle she’s had to face is finding shoes to match her outfit.

Then her father disappears and she’s left with only the money in her purse and a contract for the management of hot, indie rock band, STORM. She plans to sell the management company, one or another, then head back to law school with her designer wardrobe and wait for this whole mess to blow over.

But lead singer, Jack Colt, has other ideas and he’s messing with Hannah’s head. Not to mention her heart.

With the help of crazy rock chick, Angie, Hannah sets the band on their first steps to the big time and learns that poor people can have a  lot of fun.

But this isn’t some game she can escape from and soon her secrets get exposed.

He’s arrogant and infuriating but he’s the one that’s there for Hannah when her world comes crashing down. With secrets of his own, will Jack Colt save Hannah or destroy her?

My Thoughts:

The spotlight shone on Jack Colt. It emphasized his cheekbones and the pouty bottom lip. It emphasized the tousle of his hair. It emphasized the strength of his body. That spotlight shone as if it'd been created for the sole purpose of shining on Jack Colt.

Hannah Sorrento had a pretty cushy life. Money was never an issue. She was attending college and was set to take over her fathers thriving business. She had a boyfriend who moved in the same circles as her and she could picture him as part of her future, even if the sparks didn't fly between them. But everything changes when her father loses everything and Hannah is forced to move out of her opulent home. No more allowance. No more credit cards. Goodbye college. And no money and no social standing seems to have sent her boyfriend running. 

All that's left is a management contract for the band Storm. Hannah doesn't know the first thing about managing a band. And it seems, the band isn't too thrilled about having Hannah as their manager. What Hannah does know is that Storm's leading man Jack Colt pushes all her buttons and makes her feel things she's never felt before. Luckily for Hannah, she meets the bands biggest fan Angie, who will be the support that Hannah needs.

Bad Boy Rock Star is told in Hannah's voice and for the longest time I found her so hard to like. She was quite full of self importance even though she was living a life far different from the one she was used to. But as the story went on and she realised that nobody was going to swoop in and save her from her current lifestyle, she did seem to not rely so much on the material things and I found myself liking her a bit more. I really felt for her being kept out of loop as far as things with her Dad went and could understand her frustrations with that.

There was a lot I didn't know about Jack Colt, dark places that maybe I didn't want to know.

Jack Colt had me in a spin!! He was backwards and forwards, in and out, up and down, hot and cold. I wasn't ever sure what he was going to do or how he was going to react. His mood could change so quickly and it was really no wonder Hannah couldn't get a great feel on him. But every now and then we would get a man who was sweet, caring and loving. I really wish we had seen more of that side of him, because he was so perfect at those times. On the occasions that he gave into his attraction to Hannah, the heat between them was fantastic and completely believable. Those scenes stole the book. It was just that the attraction wasn't at all consistent.

Angie was like an energiser bunny. She just didn't stop. She was very full on and barely managed to stop and take a breath. But when it came to the band, Hannah would have been lost without her. She knew exactly what needed to be done and she got on with it. What I loved most about her was her style. When I picture her, I think a little bit punk rock.

The shining light in this story for me was Eric. For the most part he was fairly straight up although towards the end he had some feelings which made him a little closed off. But whenever there was a scene with him in it, I was a happy girl.

At the end of the book, I still have a whole lot of questions that need answers. The book ended quite abruptly which leaves the story open to be continued. I would really love more of Eric as well, since I was so smitten with him.

Jack bloody infuriating Colt. I could kill him.

3/5 Stars

Author Bio:
Candy J. Starr used to be a band manager until she realised that the band she managed was so lacking in charisma that they actually sucked the charisma out of any room they played. “Screw you,” she said, leaving them to wallow in obscurity – totally forgetting that they owed her big bucks for video equipment hire.

Candy has filmed and interviewed some big names in the rock business, and a lot of small ones. She’s seen the dirty little secrets that go on in the back rooms of band venues. She’s seen the ugly side of rock and the very pretty one.

But, of course, everything she writes is fiction.

Author Links: Blog l Goodreads l Twitter

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  1. Hannah seems like the kind of character that really has to grow on you. It sounds like an overall very character oriented read though which is awesome! Glad you liked it!!

  2. ooo this one looks readlyl good will have to get it soon :D


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