Wednesday, June 17, 2015

Where Have I Been?

Hey there! So, it's been awhile. About four months I think. So you may be wondering where I've been. Or maybe not! But anyway life has taken top priority, as it should. I just had so much going on that I found that I'd lost the words to review. I found myself sitting down at my computer struggling to come up with anything to say. But things are starting to settle into a much more even pace in my home life, so I'm hoping to ease myself back into the world of blogging. Don't be expecting a post every day, but I will be helping out some of my most favourite authors when the need arises and posting reviews of some of the books that I thankfully still get sent to review.

As always I'm most active over on my Instagram account, so you can always pop over there and say hi. 



  1. I love your pillow !! Where did you get it from ? :)


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