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ARC REVIEW: Raine (Elemental Series #1) by M.M. Roethig

Starting her senior year of high school, Raine Patterson is content with being invisible. That is, until the mysteriously handsome Kaden transfers in and turns her world upside down. Drawn to him in ways she can’t understand, Raine finds herself falling for him, regardless of his harsh stares and mixed signals. When she discovers a hidden ability to control the elements, she finds herself the target of a madman, and Kaden is the only one who can help her. Can she trust him? 

Kaden Williams has hated Elementals from the time he lost his father to them as a young boy. Chosen to protect Elementals, Kaden turned his back on his duty, swearing to rid the world of them instead. Meeting Raine was no accident, but his feelings for her throw him into turmoil and threaten to change the way he feels about Elementals. When Raine becomes the target of an unknown aggressor, Kaden is forced to decide which path he will follow. 

As the struggle for knowledge unfolds and the beginning of a pending war looms closer, Raine and Kaden must lean on each other to discover the truth and survive.

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My Thoughts:

"It won't be long now. She's coming, the most gifted Elemental being this world has ever seen."

Raine Patterson Has lived her life oblivious to the fact that she's an Elemental. And an incredibly powerful one at that. She was content with blending in at school, and being a normal teenage girl. But when a new boy, Kaden Williams arrives at school, Raine's normal teenage life gets thrown right out the window. Drawn to Kaden right from the start, she is surprised when his friendliness suddenly turns into something that is the complete opposite. And if that isn't enough to think about, she suddenly has the attention of almost every boy in school. But all of that is only the beginning of the changes about to take place in her world.

Raine was such a strong character. Her life gets thrown into a tail spin with revelations, secrets and loss. At each stage she accepted what was placed in front of her and stood tall to do what needed to be done. Even when she could have given up and fallen apart she accepted challenges head on with a real maturity. Yes, she had moments of weakness, and that was what made her such a likeable character. She questions things, and thinks, and tries to do the right thing.

He was tired of feeling the hurt and regret that followed him everywhere he went, but that was who he was, who he'd become, and there was no changing it.

Raine is told from the point of view of both Raine and Kaden. I loved being able to get inside Kaden's head the most. It was perfect to be able to witness his struggle with things first hand. He's been raised to believe that Elementals are the cause of his fathers death and the world should be rid of them. Imagine his anguish when he learns that this may not be the case. This all had such a big impact on his feelings for Raine, and even when he was struggling the most, you could just sense the goodness in his heart.

She couldn't explain why she felt so drawn to him, and why she had an almost irresistible desire to trust him.

M.M. Roethig handled the romantic aspect really well. After the initial attraction, it moved along at a really steady pace. And as you learn Kaden's back story it made the relationship between him and Raine so much more believable. 

The action and conflict throughout the story was a real constant. Especially for the second half of the book where things built to the perfect, powerful and intense, edge of your seat battle. Throw in a few twists and turns and this book had me hooked from the get go. I will definitely be grabbing the next book in the series and continuing the next exciting stage of Raine and Kaden's journey.

3.75/5 Stars.

A big thank you to the author for providing me with this review copy.

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