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BOOK SPOTLIGHT - EXCERPT & GIVEAWAY: Grimnirs (Runes #2.5) by Ednah Walters

Day three of our spotlight on Ednah Walters, Runes series, see's us taking a look at Grimnirs. If you haven't had the pleasure of reading this series as yet, then scroll down to enter the giveaway at the end of this post.

Straight out of the psych ward, Cora just wants her life to be normal. She doesn’t want to see souls or the reapers collecting them. The guy she’s loved from a distance for years moves away without saying goodbye. So yes, she’s nursing a serious heartbreak. It’s no wonder love is the last thing on her mind when Echo storms into her life. 

The chemistry between them is mind-blowing.The connection defies logic. Even better, the souls leave her alone when he is around.

Too bad Echo is the poster boy for everything she hates in a guy—hot, beautiful,and cocky. He is also a soul reaper. A Grimnir.
The very beings she wants out of her life. Maybe normal is overrated because Cora wants it all. Answers. Love. A life.

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You can read my review of Grimnirs Here

A thud came from my left, and my head whipped around. Echo gripped Blaine’s neck. Blaine’s back was against the wall.
“Don’t ever put your hand on her, Chapman. You don’t look at her wrong, raise your voice, or give her a reason to cry. You laugh and cry with her. Worship the fucking ground she walks on. If she’s hurting, you’d better be hurting ten times worse because her pain is too much to bear. Get it?”
Blaine shook his head and tried to talk.
“Wrong response, Chapman.” He slammed Blaine up against the wall. His feet were now off the ground.
I ran toward them. “Echo, stop.”
“If she’s sad, you find out why and fix it,” he continued as though I hadn’t spoken. “If she gets scared, you find the bastards responsible and you annihilate them. You slay her dragons and chase away her demons.”
I gripped Echo’s arm. “Put him down. He didn’t hurt me.”
“He did. You cried out.” His voice was curt, and he still didn’t look at me, his focus on Blaine. “If you ever hurt her in any way or form, there won’t be a place or realm for you to hide because I will find you, Chapman, rip out your heart, and feed it to the serpents of Naastrand. Understand?”
Blaine nodded.
“Good.” He dropped Blaine. No, threw him, since Blaine landed in the gutter a few feet away. The sound of concrete cracking sounded like a sledgehammer.
Echo glanced at me. Then his gaze shifted to someone behind me, and he smirked.
Caught between knocking some sense into his thick head and going after Blaine, I peered at Blaine. “Are you okay?”
He staggered to his feet, one hand rubbing his neck. “The bastard is crazy!”
A chuckle came from behind me and I turned, expecting to see Echo. He had already disappeared. Instead, Andris, Ingrid, Torin, and Raine watched me with varied expressions. Ingrid’s boyfriend was by the door and I wondered how much he’d seen.
“No, you pissed him off, Chapman,” Andris said. “What were you thinking messing with Cora?”
“I didn’t mess with her,” Blaine snapped. “We were talking, so when she took off, I followed. And that Neanderthal nearly snapped my neck.”
“Actually, he could have snapped it.” Andris moved closer to where I stood with Blaine. “You grabbed her, dude. That’s just wrong.”


EDNAH WALTERS grew up reading Nancy Drew and the Hardy Boys and dreaming of one day writing her own stories. She is a stay-at-home mother of five humans and two American short-hair cats (one of which has ADHD) and a husband. When she is not writing, she’s at the gym doing Zumba or doing things with her family, reading, traveling or online chatting with fans. 

Ednah is the author of The Guardian Legacy series, a YA fantasy series about children of the fallen angels, who fight demons and protect mankind. AWAKENED, the prequel was released by Pill Hill Press in September 2010 with rave reviews. BETRAYED, book one in the series was released by her new publisher Spencer Hill Press in June 2012 and HUNTED, the third installment, was released March 2013. She’s working on the next book in the series, FORGOTTEN. Visit her at

Ednah also writes YA paranormal romance. RUNES is the first book in her new series. IMMORTALS is book 2. She just released book 3, GRIMNIRS December 2013. Read more about this series and the world she's created here

Under the pseudonym E. B. Walters, Ednah writes contemporary romance. SLOW BURN, the first contemporary romance with suspense, was released in April 2011. It is the first book in the Fitzgerald family series. Since then she has published five more books in this series. She's presently working on book seven. You can visit her online at or

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