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VIRTUAL BOOK TOUR: Shades of the Future by Suzanne Lilly

I want to say a huge thank you to Suzanne Lilly and Goddess Fish Promotions for the opportunity to participate in the Shades of the Future tour!

What would you do if you could see your future? Would you accept it or would you change it?

Mariah Davis loves animals, running, and her hunk of a boyfriend, Kevin Creamer. Everything looks bright for her until the day she finds a pair of sunglasses that allow her to see the future.

When she glimpses a disaster looming, she tries to avoid it but fails. She has a car accident that lands her in a wheelchair, smashing her hopes for a running scholarship to the veterinary program at Ohio State University. She pushes Kevin away, thinking he’ll want to end their relationship now that she can’t walk.

Will she ever learn to trust and love again? She could search for an answer in the sunglasses. But she’s afraid what they reveal might destroy her.

Mariah scooted closer to the inside of the booth to read the digital display. As she slid across the red vinyl seat, something poked into her thigh.

“Hey, somebody left a pair sunglasses here.” She picked them up, rubbing her leg where the frame had left a dent in her skin.

“Those are nice,” Hayley commented between fries.

“These aren’t random sunglasses. These are Dita Aviators.” Mariah turned them over, checking the thin metal frame to make sure she hadn’t bent it. She held them up to the overhead light. The lenses were clean and unscratched. “Plus, they’re like brand new.”

“Let me see them.” Hayley took the glasses out of her friend’s hands and started to put them on.

“Give them back,” Mariah told her. “Your hands are all greasy and cheesy. Not to mention saliva-y.”

Hayley laughed and handed the aviators back across the table to Mariah. “When I have clean hands, I’ll try them on. They’ll look good on me.”

“You think? How do they look on me?” She put them on and a warm tingle of fun washed through her veins.


1. Where did the inspiration for Shades of the Future come from?

I actually dreamed the story line, but that was after I’d worked on several different scenarios. I couldn’t settle on what should happen, so I went to bed determined to figure it all out. When I woke up in the morning, I knew where the story had to go.

2. Do you have any writing quirks or things you do to get in the writing mood?

I must have a cup of tea or coffee with me at my desk. If I don’t have something to drink, I’m lost. There must be some magical creativity in the tea and coffee.

3. Do you ever get writers block?

Not too often. When I do, if I just write about anything, my mind eventually comes back to solving the problem that’s causing the writer’s block. Then I’m free to move on in the story.

4. Are you working on anything at the moment?

I keep my works in progress under wraps, but I can tell you about my novel Untellable, which will be published February 2013. Here’s the cover blurb:

Aspen Marie Dwyer has a secret to keep and she picks Honey Creek, Ohio as the perfect place to hide. Arriving on a Greyhound bus with nothing but a duffel bag containing her clothes and personal belongings, she walks to the Honey Creek Lake Lodge, to begin her summer job as a lifeguard. Four years earlier, Aspen witnessed her father murder her mother, and her testimony locked him away in prison. Before being taken out of the courtroom in shackles, he swore someday he would find her and kill her, too.

Local volunteer firefighter Colton Moraine is always up for a challenge and Aspen is just what he needs to liven up his small town summer. Through driving lessons, picnics, and romantic kisses under the fireworks, the two fall in love. Aspen fatalistically knows their summer romance will end if Colton finds out her history. But not telling him tortures her, making her feel like a fraud.

When her father is granted parole, she can no longer keep her dark secret. She has to make a life changing decision. Will she continue to run and hide, or fight for the love she’s discovered with Colton in Honey Creek?

5. Is there any good advice you've been given or advice you would give a budding writer?

The best advice I ever received is to write. Practice writing every day. I pass it along whenever I’m asked what advice I would give, because there is absolutely no substitute for the time spent writing.

6. What is the best thing about being a writer?

You can stare off into space and daydream and call it working.

7. What are you reading at the moment?

I’m reading Wild Ride by Jennifer Crusie and Bob Mayer. I love the interplay between the characters in the stories these two authors write together. It’s almost like a “he said, she said” feeling.

8. Who inspires you?

Nora Roberts because she never stops writing. She always has a book coming out. I want to be that prolific.

9. Chocolate or Vanilla?

Definitely vanilla. With the little chunks of vanilla bean swirled into the ice cream.

10. Tea or coffee?

I drink coffee in the morning, but the rest of the day I’m all about the tea. English Breakfast tea and Dragon Well green tea are my faves.

11. Day or night?

Daytime for me! I’m a morning person.

12. Movies or music?

Movies. I lurve movies and I’m always looking for good ones to watch. If anyone has suggestions, let me know!

13. Kisses or hugs?

Are we talking Hershey’s here? I’ll take both!

14. Rock or pop?

I must be a pop kind of girl, because I love Gwen Stefani and Katy Perry.

15. Any last words you would like to leave us with?

Yes! I’m giving away a pair of designer sunglasses from to one lucky commenter. So please follow my blog tour and comment each day for more chances to win. Thanks for reading and commenting today! You can also “like” the Suzanne Lilly Facebook page for an extra entry.
Also, thank you so much for having me on your blog today. I appreciate it!


Suzanne Lilly is a writer at night and a teacher by day, which is why she’s known online as the TeacherWriter. Her articles and stories have appeared in numerous places online and in print. She writes light romance, young adult, and middle grade novels. When not busy with words, she enjoys swimming, hiking, reading, fine arts, and cooking. She lives in California with her family and furry friends and has yet to feel an earthquake.

You can follow her on Twitter as @suzannelilly,  visit her blog at, or her author website at


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  1. Thanks so much for having me on the blog today, and allowing me to talk about coffee, tea, movies, music, and chocolate!

    1. Those are some of my favourite things right there!! :) So happy to have had you on my blog!!

  2. There's another thing we have in common! I love Katy Perry and Gwen Stefani too! I went to a live taping of The Ellen DeGeneres Show back in February of 2007, and Gwen Stefani was the one and only guest. It was like a private Gwen concert! So cool! I also got her latest CD, a Gwen doll, and tickets to a concert just for being in the audience. That was also the day I danced with Ellen on national television, but that was no biggie. ;)

    1. Wow Evelyn!! That's a pretty awesome day you had there!!

  3. Holy cow! That sounds like a blast, Evelyn! Okay, so tell me, do you have a video of you dancing with Ellen?

  4. Love the interview! The book sounds AWESOME! Going to put it on my TBR pile. Never heard of a story where you see your future through sunglasses. Very original

    1. Thanks for stopping by the blog Autumn. And I agree, this does sound like an awesome read!!

  5. Thanks, Autumn! I hope you enjoy it. You're entered now to win a pair of sunglasses at the end of this blog tour. I can't guarantee they'll help you see the future, though!

  6. Nice interview and inspiration for the book.


  7. Thanks, bn100. It's good to see you here!

  8. Nice interview, Suzanne. Congrats on the looks excellent. Have fun on your tour!

  9. I really like the concept. Congratulations on the book, love the cover page, esp the image in the sunnies. Very nice!


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